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What's the Big Idea?

With the right knowledge, a little luck and a lot of perseverance, you, too, can turn your big idea into a million-dollar business.

It's Your Party

Home parties are all the rage. Here's how to get in on the fun.

Direct Hit

No more beating around the bush--these 10 expert tips will help you create a successful direct-sales business.

Straight to the Top

Who says youth is wasted on the young? Meet 7 entrepreneurs who've hit it big before their 25th birthdays.

Art of the Sale

Your sales prospects may not think they have the need, power or budget to invest in your product. Here's how to change their minds.


Biz 101

A Need for Speed

There's plenty of opportunity in the multibillion-dollar NASCAR scene.
Biz 101

In Writing

Take advantage of free publicity by playing your PR cards right.
Biz 101


Think before you speak--and watch your words pay off.
Biz 101

Help Wanted?

Check out these resources that any startup can use.
Biz 101

Fountain of Youth

Young employees add spunk to your startup--if you manage them right.
Biz 101

Nature vs. Nurture

Are entrepreneurs born or made?
Hot Biz

By Popular Demand

T-shirt businesses are simple to start and have low upfront costs. Did we mention their potential is unlimited?
House Calls

Does It Fit the Bill?

Here's how to tell if medical billing is a viable business opportunity for you.
Launch Pad

Fired Up

A hot recipe and national distribution made sales sizzle for this sauce company.
Legal Qanda

Site Standard

Launching a content-driven site? Protect yourself against lawsuits with these 4 must-have features.
Mom Biz

It's in the Network

Get encouragement and advice from other entrepreneurial moms.
Money Matters

Exchange Rate

Use barter to build your business.

Going for the Green

A love of golf and prior sales experience put a franchisee right on course.

Summer Lovin'

A former lifeguard keeps cool with his frozen beverage franchise.
Sales And Marketing

Master Your Domain

Online marketing is key to business success. Here's how to get started.
Second Act

Tapping Resources

Retirement savings could be a source of startup funds--but proceed with caution.
Smart Ideas

Catch the Wave

By giving kids a fun, safe way to learn to surf and skateboard, this pair of avid surfers found more time to play.
Smart Ideas

Standing Ovation

An innovative way to sell ads brings this entrepreneur success.
Smart Ideas

Memory Lane

Helping families archive their memories.
Success Coach

No Doubt About It

Having doubts about your business or abilities? That's normal--just use them to your advantage.
Success Stories

Made in the Shade

One woman's search for her favorite threads turned up a cool business.
Success Stories

Pet Project

A desire to help customers--and their owners--spells success.
Success Stories

Food for the Soul

A tasty opportunity has entrepreneurs asking, "Dinner, anyone?"
Success Stories

Game Plan

This company's approach to direct sales? Let the good times roll.
Tech Talk

Go With It

Don't miss a beat with business tools that keep you going while on the road.
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