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Inside the Spring 2008 Issue


Up & Running

You can do a lot in 30 days--like start a business. Follow these steps to get going in less than a month.

10 Reasons to Buy a Franchise

When it comes to buying a franchise, the ultimate question isn't "Should I?" but "Why not?"

The Next Steps

You've decided to take the plunge. Now what?

Two's Company

Is your dynamic duo likely to become an explosive one? Before jumping into a business partnership, ask yourself these 7 key questions.

I Now Pronounce You...

Running a business with your spouse has its share of hurdles, but the finish line can be worth the effort.

The More, the Merrier?

Make sure your business doesn't have too many cooks.

Strapped for Cash?

Getting money to fund a startup can be a major challenge for newbie entrepreneurs--but don't worry, we've got some ideas.

Feel the Heat

We've got the hottest business ideas for 2008--and sizzling tips for getting in on the action.


Ask a Lawyer
What you need to juggle several startups at once.
Ask Jim(R)
Ask the answer man and you shall receive.
When it comes to getting help, business owners are finding it pays to go virtual.
Using contests to garner interest in your products is a win-win.
Need a manufacturer that understands you and your business? Research is key.
Is your idea destined for the big leagues? See if it meets these standards first.
Here are a few of the easiest ways to do it
Could the military be knocking at your door--your business's door, that is?
Money Matters
While enticing, credit cards may not be the best way to finance your startup.
Success Coach
Get your business flying with a little inspiration and watch as impossible feats seem more and more possible.
Tech Talk
On the road, in the office or somewhere in between? Here's how to stay connected.
It's a jungle out there with all the green products and services to choose from. So start a business that helps consumers sort through it all.
Hot Biz
Uncover trends before everyone else does--and build a business with staying power.
Launch Pad
Allison O'Kelly helps working moms like herself climb the ranks--without sacrificing the mom part along the way.
Between raising kids and raising sales, these franchisees found a way to have it all.
A hurricane and marketing woes couldn't keep these persistent franchisees down.
Sales And Marketing
Want a formula for overcoming objections? The key is to ask the right questions.
Smart Ideas
For Julie Dix, adding soft satin tags to her son's blanket led to the creation of a multimillion-dollar business.
Smart Ideas
This sports nut turned a childhood game into a successful business.
Smart Ideas
This entrepreneur's painting the town--and doing it comfortably.
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