Inside the Summer 2008 Issue
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Creativity Counts

Discover how to take your crafting hobby from downtime to big time.

Paint A Picture

Shoppers can't use their five senses online, so make sure your product photos say it all.

I Did It My Way

Opening a tech support franchise gave Chris Long the freedom to be himself.

Money Talks

The most common question asked by prospective franchisees is, 'How much money can I make with this franchise?'

Get Fed

Uncle Sam wants you. You just have to know how to sell to him.

Get Happy

How one woman went from enduring corporate gloom to living the sweet life.

Straight To The Source

Government agencies often have websites with directories, resources and free online help for companies seeking their business.

The Art Of Business

Maximize your talent by drawing from your other areas of expertise.

A League Of His Own

Brian Samilian took a swing at being a franchisee--and it's paying off.

The Golden Years

Brad Cannon is finding fulfillment--and profits--through his senior-care franchise.

Keep It Clean

How did Craig Taylor build his franchise? By getting his hands dirty.

Let's Get It Started

Follow these 50 steps to finding the franchise of your dreams.

First Steps

Here's a short list of what you must do and what you should consider before going after government business.


Ask a Lawyer

The Best Option

Can a startup on a budget use stock rather than cash as a hiring incentive?
Ask Jim(R)

Rules of Attraction

Jim offers a few tips on how to structure your business and hit the ground running.

Nothing to Lose

College is one of the best times to start a business--just don't forget to have fun.

Best Foot Forward

How you look and act can say a lot to your customers about your business.

Office Space

Ready to move out of your house and into a real office? Here are some tips.

Obsess a Little

A 10-step guide to transforming your obsession into a successful, moneymaking venture.

Team Effort

Joining a discussion group can help you handle your entrepreneurial fears.

Risk and Reward

3 entrepreneurs reveal how they solved their startups' malfunctions.


Websites, organizations, events and other tools to grow your business.
Money Matters

Crack The Nest Egg?

Is taking money out of your 401(k) to start a business ever a good idea?
Tech Talk

Get It Together

Start up without breaking the bank. You can get all of these 3 tools for less than $1,000.


With worries about health, safety and the environment on everyone's mind, getting clean is going green. You, too, can join the cleanup crew--and watch sales sparkle.
Hot Biz

Kids Incorporated

There's never been a better time to start a children's enrichment business.
Hot Biz

Back To School

Entrepreneurs don't have to look any further than the nearest school to find a proper venue for their enrichment programs.
Launch Pad

Launch For Less

Learn how to pinch your pennies during startup and build a successful business.
Launch Pad

Book Smart

2 bookworms capitalize on a novel idea: putting the library online and book rentals in the mailbox.

Wing Span

From the Air Force to entrepreneurship, this franchisee is flying higher than ever.

Making Order Out Of Chaos

3 friends head to the garage to help customers get their acts together.
Sales And Marketing

Five Ways to Win Referrals

Word-of-mouth from key influencers can get your business' stream of referrals flowing. Here's how.
Smart Ideas

Phone Home

One parent turned a small volunteer project into a fundraising powerhouse.
Smart Ideas

Clean Sweep

This entrepreneur used an old remedy to fight an even older problem.
Smart Ideas

Get It Together

Janet Lau's attempt to keep files organized resulted in a paper clip evolution.
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