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Hot Chicks

A husband and wife tap into the urban-farmer trend and build a $2 million operation.

Power Tools

From a camera for creatives to a keyboard for restaurant-owners, we've found 15 handy gadgets to get the job done.


A profitable startup that can make the world a better place? It's a win-win.

Not So Crazy After All

Why Aaron Muderick believes hiring more than 500 special needs employees is good for business.

Stride Right

Running expert Eric Orton developed a new shoe to help athletes put their best foot forward.

Expanded Horizons

A doggie daycare business and a cloth diaper service find that expanding their horizons was the path to success.


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Keep It In Focus

Too many passions can derail you. Find one that sticks.
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227 Opportunities For Less Than $50,000

Franchise opportunities in almost every industry imaginable, from automotive services to food to senior care -- and all of them can be started for less $50,000.
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I've got this idea ... So what are you waiting for?

There will never be a "perfect" time to start your business, so why not start now?
Franchise 101

Franchise Speak

Before you look into the benefits of opening your own franchise, it helps to know the terminology. We put together this cheat sheet of the most common -- and most important -- words you'll need to understand.
Franchise Success

From Russia, with Kooe

The story of two brothers who brought Soviet inspired coffeehouses to the U.S.

Easy Does It

A look at a surprising startup city, plus three other locations to keep your eye on.

Kiss Your Day Job Goodbye

How to determine if you can afford to work on your startup full-time.
Month One

Connecting to Fast Profits

A new spin on a tech necessity propeled Eastern Collective's quick success.

Chain Gang

Childhood pals find big profits in stripped-down bicycles with their company Pure Fix Cycles.
Shout Out

What's Your Story?

Five tips for getting your online content marketing message right.

Boarding School

Why you should consider building an advisory team alongside your business plan -- and how to get started.

Cloud Proud

What you can learn from a company that has operated on both sides of the fence.
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