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A tech startup helps burgeoning designers connect with U.S. manufacturers -- and paves the way for a small-business boom that's made in the USA.

Smarter, Better, Faster

We've gathered advice from entrepreneurs who made millions on their first businesses and are applying that hard-won wisdom to their new startups.


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Buy or Lease?

Three entrepreneurs make the case for the best way to get equipped.
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Love Story

Are you creating a dream -- or just working on a business?

Today's Hottest Franchise Opportunities

From old standards like hamburgers and fitness to up-and-coming categories like children's entertainment, these 10 industries are attracting new entrepreneurs and consumers.
Leaning Curve

Growing Pains

Misrepresenting your company's life stage could carry steep consequences.

Not-so-easy Pickings

The location of your startup's office might be a factor in attracting top talent.

Dollars and Sense

If you don't want to give up control of your business to outside investors, consider crowdfunding and bootstrapping.

Bring 'em On!

From your business partners to full-time staff, here is what to look for at three critical stages of your startup.
Month One

Sweet Swig of Success

Just days after going on sale, a tiny startup's product sells out. Here is how a drinking lid for Mason jars turned into an instant moneymaker.

Less Is More

Two brothers created a zero-waste, packaging-free grocery store that operates in a smaller space and provides healthier food choices.
Shout Out

Persons of Interest

The founder of the online product showcase Grommet explains how to become an Internet sensation.
Franchise 101

The Top 10 Franchises of 2014

These 10 franchises are leading the way into the New Year.
Franchise 101

Don't Be Seduced by the Wrong Investors

Quirky founder Ben Kaufman explains why the biggest money mistake is accepting funds from the wrong people. Always make sure potential investors are aligned with your business interests first.
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