The Mathematics of Social Marketing:

How to Convert Contacts to Customers

The numbers show most businesses are not fully leveraging, or even understanding, the world of social media marketing and business. The advent of social media left many marketers feeling as though they had a new, free way to market directly to their customers. Over time, it has become apparent that getting a return on social media marketing is not as simple as just creating a dialog with contacts. In order to be effective, social marketers need to implement the same types of digital marketing tactics that e-commerce and search engine technologists have used for years.

Come experience this special Thought Leaders event to:
  • Learn how to determine the number of social media contact views you need in order to convert them to customers
  • Understand front and back-end efficiencies that will help drive your business with social media
  • Find out how to move beyond "launch and hope" to measurable strategies that will drive social media customers to take action
    (calculators not required)


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Social media strategist Jason Falls will open the event, taking you through a simple but detailed explanation of how to measure your social effectiveness and determine what kind of traffic you'll need to drive in order to convert customers via social outlets. After the presentation, we'll open the discussion to our entire panel and explore new approaches to the art of social media marketing for your business. Bring your questions and join in the discussion with leading-edge thinkers in the business community.


Amy Cosper

Amy Cosper

Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine
Entrepreneur's editor in chief will moderate the forum event, bringing her own unique perspective to the mix and delving into hot issues, opportunities and questions voiced by small-business owners when marketing their companies.
Jason Falls

Jason Falls

Social Media Marketing Consultant and Author

Jason Falls is one of the leading thinkers, strategists and public speakers in the social media marketing, digital marketing and online communications industries. He is the author of the noted industry blog, a fixture at or near the top of the AdvertisingAge Power 150 Marketing Blogs list and is responsible for, a learning community for digital and social media marketing, online communications and technology.

Michael Port

Adam Conrad

Marketing & Social Manager at The Mermaid Inn

Adam maintains The Mermaid Inn's innovative Oysterpedia App, which is designed to help users learn info and share pictures and experiences about over 200 types of oysters from around the world. The Mermaid Inn is an independent seafood chain with three locations in New York City. In 2007, he was a co-founder and minor partner of, an online portal designed to help college students find housing around their local campuses. Adam also created and maintained the social media strategy for a NYC non-profit called the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction (NFFR), which helps children born with facial differences find and afford treatment.

Scott Levy

Scott Levy

CEO and President of Firm Fuel Online

Scott has been specializing in Internet marketing for over 16 years and founded Firm Fuel Online, an SEO and social media firm. He is the author of the highly anticipated book Tweet Naked, which teaches people how to build a brand via social media by being authentic, interesting and transparent. Scott also writes for Entrepreneur, Forbes and CNN. You can follow Scott on Twitter


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Event Schedule & Location


8:00 AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:45 AM
Welcome and Introduction with Entrepreneur
Editor-in-Chief Editor Amy Cosper
9:00 AM
The Mathematics of Social Marketing with Jason Falls
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:30 AM
Panel Discussion moderated by Amy Cosper
featuring Jason Falls, Adam Conrad
and Scott Levy
11:30 AM
Q&A, Giveaway and Closing Comments
Event Conclusion


Renaissance Waverly
2450 Galleria Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339


For This Free Event
Hosted by Entrepreneur Expo