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Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation is the document which brings a company into existence. It sets out the rules which shall govern the company and provides for such things as the number and class of shares the company is authorized to issue, sets out the registered head office address of the company and whether the company is authorized to offer its shares to the public for purchase.

Articles of Organization

Articles of Organization is a document which is required to be filed with the appropriate government agency to establish legal recognition of a Limited Liability Company. The Articles of Organization must contain key pieces of information such as the name of the Limited Liability Company, the members names and the principal place of business.

Asset Depreciation Schedule

The asset depreciation schedule is divided into major asset categories such as buildings, equipment, etc. It can be used to calculate depreciation expense using straight-line depreciation method.

Asset Purchase Agreement

This is an agreement between a seller of business assets and a buyer. This agreements sets the terms of such a sale and includes provisions such as payment of purchase price, and monthly installments, liens and emcumbrances on the assets, condition precedent for the closing, representations of the parties etc.

Assignment and Transfer of Membership Interest

An Assignment and Transfer of Membership Interest Agreement is an agreement between two parties whereby one party agrees to transfer its membership interest in a company to another party.

Assignment of Accounts Receivable - With Recourse

Agreement to formally assign the rights to the Accounts Receivables that are listed in the assignment form. The process of writing a promissory note with accounts receivable as collateral. If the note is dishonored, the assignee can collect upon the accounts receivable.

Assignment of Contract for Deed by Seller

This legal instrument assigns a contract for a deed from the seller, who has signed a contract for deed to another party. Use this document to transfer a contract in exchange for cash, usually a lesser price than the contract will amount to.

Assignment of Copyright

An Assignment of Copyright is an agreement between two parties, where one party transfers their ownership, right and title to a certain copyright to the other. The assignment must be in writing.

Assignment of Partnership Interest

An Assignment of Partnership Interest Agreement is an agreement between two parties, whereby one party assigns and transfers their interest in a partnership to the other.

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