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Change of Control Agreement

A change of control agreement is an agreement between an employee and an employer safeguard the remunerative rights of the employee in exchange for his continued employment with the employer. If the employer company undergoes a change of control and if the employment with the employee terminates without cause (such as material breach etc) or quits following this change of control, the employer will pay out a severance package to the employee such as bonus, stock options etc.

Characteristics of Competitive Strategies

PowerPoint presentation describing how a company competes in a particular business & explains how a company can gain a competitive advantage using a distinctive way of competing.

Checklist and Outsourcing Agreement

This checklist is absolutely essential for anybody who is considering outsourcing work to an independent contractor. It describes important elements of a legal agreement, including job requirements and scope, timeline for deliverables, responsibility for materials, measurement of completion, compensation, and governance, to name a few.

Class 'A' Voting and Class 'B' Non-Voting Share Rights

These are the rights and restrictions attaching to the Class 'A' Voting and the Class 'B' Non-Voting shares in the capital of the Corporation. The share rights set out whether a particular class of shares in the capital stock of a Company are voting or non-voting, whether the shares are entitled to receive dividends and such other provisions as the price per share in the event of a redemption of the shares by the Company.

Client Satisfaction Surveys

A comprehensive guide and plan for performing a client satisfaction survey. The report includes: methodologies, demographic research, how to evaluate customer/client satisfaction, and how to understand the survey result.

Co-Branding Agreement

A Co-Branding Agreement is an agreement between two parties whereby the parties agree to work together and cooperate to promote or sell a product or service of the parties. The benefit of a co-branding agreement is that it associates a product or service with more than one brand name.

Code of Business Ethics

This is an example of code of business ethics. This document is useful for conducting code of business ethics.

Cognovit Promissory Note

A Cognovit Promissory Note is used by a creditor when they want a shortcut to judgment against the creditor, should the creditor default under any of the terms of the promissory note. Only a few select States allow the use of this type of promissory note. The States that allow use of this type of promissory note are Ohio, Pennsylvaina, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

Collateral Pledge Agreement

A Collateral Pledge Agreement is an agreement between two parties whereby one party grants to the other, a pledge of collateral that is to be held in trust until that party performs or fulfills all of its obligations to the other party. Typically, the collateral is held in trust by a third party.

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