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Price Quotation

This document allows you to enter the quantity, description and price quotation to send to an individual or business

Pricing Strategies

A document explaining pricing strategies and the ways an organization or small business can go about doing it. This report includes: learn how to improve performance through Breakeven analysis, what pricing should do, the questions associated with pricing, the 9 laws of pricing strategies, and many more

Primer on Franchising

This is an example of franchise agreement. This document is useful for creating franchise agreement.

Product and Brand Management

PowerPoint presentation that includes the kinds of data that is typically available to brand and product managers. The presentation includes sections on; developing and introducing new products in a market, formulating strategies, managing campaigns, advertising, and working with the media.

Product Development Agreement

An agreement which is between a company or individual desiring to develop a product (including features, functions, prototypes) and a product developer. This agreement sets out mainly the following, but not limited to: terms of engagement, compensation, milestones or phases of product development including method of design reviews, acceptance, rejection and error fixing, ownership of the final product, licenses of each party granted to the others, their respective warranties and representation, confidentiality obligations, termination grounds and procedures, and respective disclaimers of warranties etc.

Product Requirements

A comprehensive template for a product requirements document that includes descriptions for the necessary sections: product requirements, market potential, financial projections, marketing strategy, sales strategy, technical details, timeline, budget and key signatures

Product Supply Agreement

A Product Supply Agreement is an agreement between a manufacturer and a buyer whereby the buyer purchases products from the manufacturer for distribution. The buyer agrees to use its best efforts to promote the sale of the product and the agreement provides provisions to protect the manufacturer???s intellectual property rights to the product.

Professional Services Agreement

A Professional Services Agreement is an agreement between two parties, where one of the parties is member of a professional association or group such as an accountant, legal professional or doctor. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions agreed to between the parties for the professional services to be provided to the other party.

Profit and Loss Agreement

A Profit and Loss Agreement is an agreement between a parent company and its subsidiary company. The agreement provides that the parent company agrees to protect the balance sheet of the subsidiary company and any losses by the subsidiary company shall be paid off by the parent company.

Profit and Loss Forecast

Profit-and-Loss-Forecast Document

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