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Stock Subscription Agreement

A Stock Subscription Agreement is an agreement between a company and a subscriber (individual or another company), where the subscriber to invest in the shares or stock of the company. The subscriber makes various representations and warranties to the company as to the subscriber being aware of the risks involved in investing.

Stock Subscription Agreement Document

This is a good form of Subscription Agreement, in this case for an early stage investment in a start-up corporation. This will often be accompanied by a term sheet, as well as an investor rights agreement.

Strategic Plan Template

This is an example of letter of strategic plan template. This document is useful for studying strategic plan template.

Strategic Planning Template - With Excel Models

This is a comprehensive fill-in-the-blank template that will walk you through building a strategic plan for your organization. This strategic plan template can provide the foundation and frame work for a business plan. The sections covered in this guide are: the elements of strategic business plan, the outline template, market analysis, annual income projection, and break-even worksheet, two excel models of projected cash flow and balance sheet, and a staffing projection worksheet. This document has 2 Excel model embedded into the file; the user would Double Click or Right click on the model to Open & Edit).

Stress Management

A Powerpoint presentation that gives an overview of stress management and the techniques for overcoming stress.

Studio or Venue Release Agreement

In this studio or venue release agreement the Owner of the Studio permits the Production Company to use the premises for the purpose of shoot of motion picture against some payment.

Subordination Agreement of Lease

A Subordination Agreement of lease is a consent from the Tenant that its rights to enjoy possession of the property are lower ("subordinate") in priority than the rights of a bank holding a mortgage on the leased property.

Subscription Service Agreement

A subscription service agreement mainly outlines a relationship between a online service company and a user or subscriber of the services. This agreements sets out, among others, the terms of offering the services subscribed by the subscriber, the subscription fee and monthly fee applicable, the particulars and disclaimers of service access and availability, the obligations of the company toward subscriber data privacy and security, the grounds of termination of the agreement etc.

Supply Chain Management

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