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Time Employment Agreement

A Time Employment Agreement a written agreement between an employer and an employee in respect of a certain time or length of employment for the employee. The agreement sets out the responsibilities of the employee, compensation to be paid to the employee for their employment and the duties and responsibilities of the employer and employee upon the termination date of employment.

Time Sheet

A comprehensive time sheet form allowing the individual to store work information. Each time sheet entry includes the following information: date, activity/task, start/end time, unpaid time, and the total daily hours.

Timesheet Template - Excel Timesheet

Printable employee Timesheet template. This monthly timesheet template is a timesheet in Excel spreadsheet, that is simpler than software or web based online employee timesheet. With this sheet, filling a monthly Timesheet becomes easy. There are more sample templates of timesheet.

Total Quality Management Guide

A guide that discusses the primary elements of quality management, and includes chart, graphs, and tools to assist a company with setting up a program of quality management.

Trademark Assignment Template

A basic trademark assignment template for a trademark assignment contract. Contains key provisions relating to assignor and assignee, and a notary form.

Trademark License Agreement

A trademark license is an agreement between a trademark owner (the "licensor") and another person or business entity (the "licensee") in which the licensor gives permission to the licensee to use its trademark or trademarks for an agreed purpose. A trademark license agreement essentially spells out the parties names, identification of the trademark or trademarks that are the subject of the agreement, the specific trademark right or rights to be licensed, including the geographic territory in which the marks are being licensed, the authorized purposes, the licensing fee or royalty applicable and the nature and quality of the goods and/or services with which the licensee may use the trademark.

Training and Development Strategies

This document looks into the topic of Training and Development Strategies. The document covers staff development strategic plan overview with checklist, motivation for participation, implementation process and the training involved, methods of coaching and mentoring, and assessments with certificate of completion.

Training Needs Analysis

A Training Needs Analysis template for a company or department to assess its training requirements and improve its training program.

Transition Plan Template

A detail guide for Project Transition Plan Template. This document has sections dedicated to: the project overview, system support resources, budgeting, and many more...

Travel Expense Report

The form includes sections of: date, account, description of expense, hotel, transport, fuel, meals, phone number, entertainment, miscellaneous, and includes the total price for each of the item line.

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