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General Letter of Intent - Premium

A Letter of Intent or LOI is a document that details the significant terms of an agreement which is in the process of being finalized. While not legally binding, a letter of intent can demonstrate...
Downloads: 415

General Manager Job Description

CEO job description, General manager job description, Operations manager job description, Executive assistant job description, Executive director job description, Executive job description
Downloads: 54360

General Non-Disclosure Agreement - Premium

A mutual agreement between two companies not to disclose proprietary information about their shared transactions
Downloads: 514

General Partnership Agreement - Premium

This is an example of 0 general partnership agreement . This document is useful for conducting 0 general partnership agreement.
Downloads: 95035

General Power of Attorney - Premium

A general power of attorney is broad and sweeping, and provides extensive powers to the person or organization appointed by you as your agent. These powers typically include: * Handling...
Downloads: 120

General Power of Attorney Template - Premium

This is a General Power of Attorney form granting the attorney-in-fact broad general powers to act on behalf of the person signing the form.
Downloads: 621

Generic Articles of Incorporation (Non Profit)

Generic Articles of Incorporation that can be modified slightly and then used to incoprporate a nonprofit just about anywhere in the US. Be sure that you read all of your own state's requirements...
Downloads: 363

Generic Finders Fee Agreement - Premium

This professionally-drafted document is an agreement, whereby a Finder agrees to be a non-exclusive finder for a Client for such services including but not limited to the purchasing of...
Downloads: 534

Grant Agreement

Downloads: 368
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