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Network Installation and Maintenance Agreement

This contract can be made between a provider of network installation and maintenance and a client to match contract terms as necessary.
Downloads: 1536

New Employee Checklist

Downloads: 6246

Non Discrimination Policy - Premium

This Employee Non-Discrimination Policy is a progressive policy used to combat discrimination and harassment, and create a unified workforce. Use this attorney drafted policy to promote equality...
Downloads: 46

Non Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement - Premium

This is an agreement between a principal and an agent wherein the agent is appointed as an independent contractor on a non- exclusive basis to sell products and services of the principal in a...
Downloads: 177

Non-Disclosure Agreement - Premium

This document can be used by someone who wishes to safely share their sensitive information with another party. This enables you to 0ly disclosure your secrets in complete confidence that your...
Downloads: 2614

Non-Disclosure Agreement - Premium

This is an example of 0 non-disclosure agreement. This document is useful for conducting 0 non-disclosure agreement.
Downloads: 1068

Non-Disclosure Agreement - Prospective Licensee - Premium

A mutual agreement between two companies not to disclose proprietary information about their shared transactions.
Downloads: 57
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