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Credit Application

Generic credit application

Asset Purchase Agreement

This is an agreement between a seller of business assets and a buyer. This agreements sets the terms of such a sale and includes provisions such as payment of purchase price, and monthly installments, liens and emcumbrances on the assets, condition precedent for the closing, representations of the parties etc.

Sales Activity Report

this template will help you easily fill out a sales report.

Marketing Services Agreement

A Marketing Services Agreement is an agreement between a company (a client) and marketing consultant which sets out the engagement of the marketing by the client to provide expert advice on developing their marketing strategy including traditional and online marketing strategies, direct marketing campaigns, development of corporate identity and branding and the development of campaigns to launch new products. A consultant may be engaged to manage all marketing activities for an organization, to assist in specific areas or to undertake individual projects. This agreement should clearly spell out the services the marketing consultant has agreed to render, the compensation for services and expenses, the various milestones and deliverables that will be made part of this Agreement, restrictive covenants such as non competition, non solicitation, and mainly non disclosure of confidential information and ownership of work product etc.

Price Quotation

This document allows you to enter the quantity, description and price quotation to send to an individual or business

Sample Sales Proposal

This template is a comprehensive proposal for any independent contractor to use when responding to an RFQ or pitching products. It includes a description of the company, its projects, an estimate of the deliverables and a quote for the budget, among other vital items.

Independent Distribution Agreement

Fundraising Letter

This is a collection of letters used for fund-raising from different potential sponsors and investors.

Event Sponsorship Agreement

An Event Sponsorship Agreement sets out the terms and conditions between a Company and a Sponsor for work or services to be performed by the Sponsor at an event. Event Sponsorship Agreements can be used for, but not limited to, the organizing of such events as shows or exhibitions.

Exclusive Supply Agreement

Exclusive Supply Agreement is an agreement whereby a distribution of a certain product engages a supplier on an exclusive basis to distribute and sell to customers within a given territory. This agreement mainly sets out the way the product is ordered by the distributor and supplied by supplier, the method of delivery, title of loss, payments for supply, product warranty and respective liabilities of each party.

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