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Purchase of Real Estate Contract

A Purchase of Real Estate Contract is a legally binding agreement between a seller of a property and a purchaser. The contract sets out the property to be purchased, the consideration payable for the property and the closing date. The contract also provides for the chattels and fixtures that are included and not included in the purchase of the property.

Sale and Leaseback Agreement

A Sale and Leaseback Agreement is a legal instrument governing a transaction wherein the owner of a property sells that property and then leases it back from the buyer. The purpose of the leaseback is to 0 up the original owner's capital while allowing the owner to retain possession and use of the property. The type of property involved can be anything from residential or commercial real estate to equipment or vehicles. This type of agreement comprises of a sale contract and a prescribed form of a leaseback contract or a mix of sale and lease contracts together. The sale contract shall include title insurance, new property insurance, etc. The ???leasing back??? part of the transaction is governed by a leaseback agreement wherein the seller of the property is the lessee and the buyer is the lessor.

Offer to Purchase Real Property

Agreement to purchase real property laying out the price, financing terms, and other material terms.

Office Lease Agreement - Comprehensive

The following comprehensive Office Lease agreement was created by attorneys to help provide a good starting point when drafting your office lease agreement. This is an extended version of the standard office lease agreement.

Termination of Commercial Lease

This attorney drafted document terminates a lease, upon agreement of both parties, for premises rented for a commercial purpose. Customizable to fit your needs.

Commercial Sublease Consent Agreement

Commercial Sublease Agreement Consent: An agreement for permission to sublease a commercial property is a contract between the landlord (lessor) and the tenant (lessee) that states landlord's permission allowing the tenant to sublease the premises. This permission is usually necessary before the tenant can sublease and the covenants thereof to another person or company in a binding agreement. This agreement also protects the interest of the landlord. It should be noted that the receipt of the permission should not be construed to relieving the tenant of his obligations toward the property. Tenant shall be fully responsible and liable for the actions of the subtenants/sublessees including payment obligations.

Lease Agreement - Apartment

A Lease Agreement for an apartment is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant whereby the tenant leases an apartment unit from the landlord for a specific term. The Lease Agreement provides for such provisions as the monthly rental payments, utility payments and the rights of the landlord and the tenant.

Ground Lease Agreement

This comprehensive ground lease agreement was created by attorneys to provide a framework for leasing raw land or undeveloped real estate. Includes options for fixing the terms of the lease.

Office Lease Agreement

Agreement to lease premises for the purpose of office related activities

Warehouse Lease Agreement

This document is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant to lease a certain commercial premises for a specified term, to be used as a warehouse. Customizable features including price, term of lease, parking options, and many more.

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