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Startup Costs
Commercial cleaning
$14K - 21K
Ace DuraFlo Systems LLC
Pipe-restoration services
$36K - 410K
Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services
Restroom deodorizing services
$10K - 25K
Aire-Master of America Inc.
Restroom deodorizing and maintenance
$36K - 125K
Aladdin Doors Franchising Inc.
Garage-door installation and repairs
$30K - 100K
Anago Cleaning Systems
Commercial cleaning
$11K - 66K
Andy OnCall
Handyman services
$35K - 62K
Barbecue cleaning
$24K - 41K
The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. Franchise LLC
Residential cleaning
$35K - 80K
Bonus Building Care
Commercial cleaning
$9K - 42K
Buildingstars Int'l. Inc.
Commercial cleaning
$2K - 52K
Certified Restoration DryCleaning Network LLC
Textile restoration
$46K - 236K
Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet, drapery and upholstery cleaning; tile and stone care
$40K - 140K
CleanNet USA Inc.
Commercial cleaning
$10K - 98K
College Girl Cleaning Service
Residential and commercial cleaning
$23K - 29K
Color Glo Int'l.
Leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet and surface repair and restoration
$46K - 50K
Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System
Commercial cleaning
$14K - 48K
Critter Control Inc.
Wildlife management, pest control
$25K - 85K
Daycare Cleaning Services
Commercial cleaning for child-care facilities
$15K - 143K
Insurance/disaster restoration
$47K - 165K
Pet-waste removal
$36K - 53K
Dr. Vinyl & Associates Ltd.
Auto vinyl, leather, fabric and plastic repair
$41K - 72K
Duct Doctor USA Inc.
Residential and commercial air-duct cleaning
$41K - 137K
E.P.I.C. Systems Inc.
Commercial cleaning
$17K - 35K
Eliza J
Portable restrooms for outdoor events
$42K - 177K
Exercise equipment service and repairs
$17K - 47K
Green Home Solutions
Environmentally friendly mold cleaning, pest control and odor elimination
$21K - 73K
Grout Doctor Global Franchise Corp.
Grout, tile and stone maintenance
$20K - 33K
The Grout Medic
Grout and tile maintenance, restoration
$21K - 56K
Growing Roots
Interior-plant maintenance
$25K - 45K
Headlights 20/20 USA
Headlight restoration
$22K - 97K
Heaven's Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
$45K - 66K
Heits Building Services
Commercial cleaning and maintenance
$9K - 72K
Home Cleaning Centers of America
Residential and commercial cleaning
$33K - 35K
House Doctors
Handyman services and home repairs
$49K - 100K
Jan-Pro Franchising Int'l. Inc.
Commercial cleaning
$3K - 51K
Jantize America
Commercial cleaning
$50K - 254K
Jet-Black Franchise Group
Asphalt maintenance
$46K - 109K
Lawn Army
Lawn care
$30K - 42K
Residential cleaning
$42K - 115K
Mint Condition Franchising Inc.
Commercial cleaning, building maintenance
$5K - 45K
Outdoor pest control
$25K - 100K
Never Paint Again Companies LLC
$39K - 63K
OMEX - Office Maintenance Experts
Commercial cleaning and maintenance management
$40K - 71K
Commercial cleaning, facility services
$17K - 120K
Oxi Fresh Franchising Co.
Carpet cleaning
$38K - 66K
Pestmaster Services Inc.
Pest & weed control
$36K - 85K
Pet Butler
Pet-waste cleanup and removal
$30K - 42K
Plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning
$47K - 138K
Sir Grout Franchising LLC
Grout, tile, stone and wood restoration
$75K - 135K
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