#4 - AutomationDirect

Industry: Industrial services
Location: Cumming, GA
2010 Revenue: Confidential

Why It's a Great Employer

A direct seller of automation controls for manufacturing machines, AutomationDirect puts an emphasis on balance in supporting employees. Its approach draws on a version of the "Wheel of Life" as a metaphor, with a different "spoke" representing common goals each employee is trying to keep in balance -- such as family, career and physical well-being, among others. The logic follows that if someone's "spokes" are out of sync, the wheel can't spin efficiently. The company offers a number of perks to help employees' wheels stay well-rounded, among them on-site yoga and Pilates classes, personal and professional development courses and a monthly newsletter focused on character building. Last year, the company had a full-time annual turnover rate of about 2 percent.

Employee Perks

Free Snacks
Free Beverages
Dry Cleaning
Free Lunch
Free Breakfast

By The Numbers

Current Full and Part-Time Employees
Annual Full-Time Job Growth
Annual Full-Time Voluntary Turnover
Highest Referral Bonus
100% (depending on plan chosen)
Portion of employee health-care premium paid:
100% (depending on plan chosen)
Portion of dependent health-care premium paid:


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