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#12 - Heinfeld, Meech & Co.

Industry: Financial services and insurance -- accounting
Heinfeld, Meech & Co.
Location: Tucson, AZ
2010 Revenue: $10 million

Why It's a Great Employer

Founded in 1986 by accountants who wanted to dispel the "accountant as bean-counter" stereotype, Heinfeld, Meech & Co.'s slogan is "Imagine What We Can Do Together." The company sponsors employee teams for basketball, football and softball. The company has paid for employees to go on an annual "trip to paradise" eight out of the last 10 years (in 2010, it was to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico). Over the past three years, employees have also donated more than 1,100 hours to local food banks.

Employee Perks

Free Snacks
Free Beverages

By The Numbers

Current Full and Part-Time Employees
Annual Full-Time Job Growth
Annual Full-Time Voluntary Turnover
Portion of employee health-care premium paid:
Portion of dependent health-care premium paid:


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