#3 - Holder Construction Company

Industry: Construction and real estate -- contracting
Holder Construction Company
Location: Atlanta, GA
2010 Revenue: $1,605 million

Why It's a Great Employer

Holder supports the efforts of its employees -- called associates -- to balance work and personal life. The company closes at 3:30 p.m. on Fridays, giving everyone a jumpstart on the weekend. If an associate has or adopts a child, the company gives up to 12 weeks of time off, plus Holder baby outfits and teddy bears to siblings so they don't feel left out. Parents are also given time off to attend parent-teacher conferences, school plays and other important life events.

Employee Perks

Free Snacks
Free Beverages

By The Numbers

Current Full and Part-Time Employees
Annual Full-Time Job Growth
Annual Full-Time Voluntary Turnover
Highest Referral Bonus
100% (depending on plan chosen)
Portion of employee health-care premium paid:
Portion of dependent health-care premium paid:


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