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#5 - Development Dimensions International

Industry: Professional services -- consulting -- management
Development Dimensions International
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
2010 Revenue: $140 million

Why It's a Great Employer

This talent management firm celebrates individual contributions as well as teamwork with events such as "It s All About You" week, where individual employees are applauded by co-workers for extraordinary efforts. Activities that evoke a team spirit include bowling, trips to movie matinees and more. Each new employee receives a six-week development plan to help acclimate him or her to the company, the specific position and workplace culture.

Employee Perks

Free Beverages
Dry Cleaning

By The Numbers

Current Full and Part-Time Employees
Annual Full-Time Job Growth
Annual Full-Time Voluntary Turnover
Portion of employee health-care premium paid:
Portion of dependent health-care premium paid:


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