#8 - Enterprise Bank and Trust Company

Industry: Financial services and insurance -- banking/credit services
Enterprise Bank and Trust Company
Location: Lowell, MA
2010 Revenue: $67 million

Why It's a Great Employer

Contrary to the trend in the banking and credit industry, Enterprise Bank has managed to keep spreading "seeds" for employees. After planting an extensive rooftop garden on one of its bank locations as part of its "Green Roof Initiative," the company "planted" 3 percent of each employee's salary into their 401(k) programs. Additionally, salaries that are eligible for the profit sharing were capped for higher-paid employees to ensure a fair amount was given to all employees. Through their "Rotating Officer Program," bank officers can sit in on board meetings, getting a look at how the company is governed in the midst of industry challenges.

Employee Perks


By The Numbers

Current Full and Part-Time Employees
Annual Full-Time Job Growth
Annual Full-Time Voluntary Turnover
Highest Referral Bonus
Portion of employee health-care premium paid:
Portion of dependent health-care premium paid:


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