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Answer these questions that marketing experts find important and add up your score. Find out one thing: Do you need a marketing makeover?

Most people who are wired to be entrepreneurs know at least a little about basic marketing. So as a small-business owner, it can be pretty easy to fall in love with your marketing strategy. But does it love you back? Whether your business lives in the real world or online, there are questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to creating effective marketing. These highly unscientific (but useful) quizzes will help you do just that.

1. I keep an up-to-date database of customers and prospects.

  • 2. My marketing message is different from that of my closest competitors.

  • 3. I know what my customers want and value most.

  • 4. I advertise in all media using a unified campaign theme.

  • 5. I use marketing professionals to create my tools and materials.

  • 6. I continually monitor my competitors' advertising.

  • 7. I update our marketing plans and evaluate materials at least quarterly.

  • 8. We lead with a customer benefit at the beginning of every marketing and sales tool.

  • 9. We track the responses to all our ads.

  • 10. Our family of materials has a polished and professional look.

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