Quiz: How to Know If You're a Bad Boss

By Geoff Williams

Wondering just how you measure up to other bosses? Our 15-question quiz is designed to help you determine whether you need to brush up on your employee management skills. This isn't a trick quiz: Your answers to the questions about the best--and worst--way to act will give you a fairly accurate score. So be truthful with your answers (that is, if you really want to know the truth).

1. If I had to switch places for a week with one of my employees, I would:

  • 2. How do you feel about the company rules your employees have to abide by?

  • 3. When it comes to working with your employees, which of the following statements best describes you?

  • 4. If my employees are doing a great job...

  • 5. Generally, my office demeanor is..

  • 6. When it comes to training or encouraging ongoing education...

  • 7. If an employee offers a suggestion or new strategy idea...

  • 8. In this order, how would you rank what's most important to you and your business?

  • 9. When there's a crisis in the company...

  • 10. I take constructive criticism from my employees...

  • 11. When it comes to the computer equipment, workspace and other tools I offer my employees:

  • 12. How would your employees describe you?

  • 13. When it comes to making decisions, how do you think your employees would describe you?

  • 14. Which of the following best describes the relationship you have with your employees?

  • 15. My company...

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