Test Your Marketing I.Q.

By Kim T. Gordon

Get up-to-speed fast on these 10 critical marketing facts and trends by taking our quick quiz, then reading the answers and in-depth explanations provided by our marketing expert.

Would you consider yourself a marketing pro? How up to date are you on the most important marketing trends? We've got a fast way for you to test your knowledge. Take our short, 10-question quiz to discover the information you need to keep your company ahead of the pack.


1. Choose the advertising medium that influences the most local purchase decisions:

  • 2. This new advertising medium is the nation's second fastest growing (after the internet), is highly effective, extremely low cost, and is available in virtually every city and town. Is it:

  • 3. Multicultural marketing offers lucrative new product niches to entrepreneurs nationwide. Which minority or ethnic group has the greatest buying power, spends almost twice as much as the general population on clothing and accessories and tends to make buying decisions based on brand rather than price?

  • 4. Many entrepreneurs send permission-based e-mail marketing messages to in-house lists. When it comes to this marketing method, which of these is on the decline?

  • 5. Which of the following best describes cable TV advertising:

  • 6. WWhich direct-response medium has the highest average response rate?

  • 7. Blogs are hot, and many offer superior advertising opportunities for entrepreneurs. Which of the following best describes the characteristics of the majority of blog readers?

  • 8. When placing a print ad campaign, the term "frequency" applies to what?

  • 9. What percentage of consumers regularly or occasionally go online to conduct research before making an in-store purchase?

  • 10. Ads on stadium snack-packs, posters in public restrooms and campus laundry rooms, advertising on golf course hospitality carts, and ads on the scoreboards of public tennis courts and swimming pools are all examples of:

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