Women to Watch
Sophia Amoruso, Tastemaker
Founder of vintage ecommerce site NastyGal.com,
who is building impressive sales growth and
'freakishly loyal' customers.
Tara Hunt
Social Marketing Authority
Online-marketing pioneer influencing the evolution of brands' use of social-media marketing.
Jane McGonical
Game Developer
Creator of SuperBetter, an online game with a radical approach to preventing and treating depression.
Maria Flynn, Biotechnology Executive
Biotechnology Executive
Leader in biotechnology and innovations in controlled-release solutions for medication.
Linda Rottenberg, Entrepreneurship Advocate
Entrepreneurship Advocate
Founder of Endeavor, a company that provides mentors and investors around the world.
Olga Koper, Nanotechnologist
Innovator in nanotechnology research and holder of more than 30 patents.
Yael Cohen, Philanthropist
Outspoken founder of F*** Cancer, which brings edgy marketing to cancer awareness.

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Women to Watch

We can only hope that one day soon there'll be no reason to single out women as a specific category when we look at up-and-comers in the world of business. But the current reality is this: While the number of U.S. companies owned by women is increasing faster than those of other groups, those companies are responsible for just 6 percent of the country's employees and 4 percent of revenue, according to a 2012 report commissioned by American Express Open. Meanwhile, many studies maintain that women have significantly reduced access to capital and encounter less favorable loan rates. And don't get us started on the discrepancies in compensation between men and women performing equal work.

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