Business Management


Best Practices

Entrepreneurship may not be a part of the curriculum at professional schools, but today, doctors, lawyers and other professionals are learning to think like entrepreneurs--and build better businesses in the process.
Growing Your Business

Tapping Into the Largest Market in the World

Selling to the government doesn't have to be a hassle for small firms anymore.
Business Strategies

Taking Advantage of the Slow Months

Wanna change slow time into grow time? Here are some suggestions for using downtime to position your company for growth.
Legal Center

How Check 21 Will Impact Your Business

3 ways the banking act will affect entrepreneurs
Legal Center

Illicit Affairs?

If you do business overseas, be certain your "administrative fees" aren't really illegal bribes.
Legal Center

In Hot Water?

Take a closer look at your marketing materials, or you may get burned.
Family Business

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

When business and family mix, the key to success is communication.

Walking the Wire

Tempted to forgo insurance because you're a startup? Think twice. It is possible to get the protection you need.
Management & Operations

Seasoning Your Sales

Year-round marketing will spice up profits for your seasonal business.
Legal Center

Under Pressure

If an employee feels forced to quit, it could be trouble. Here's how to avoid a "constructive discharge" lawsuit.

Establishing a Health Plan

Take care of your employees--and your business--by providing a health-care plan. Here are your basic options and ways to contain costs.

Adding Special Coverage to Your Policy

Protect your business even further. Here are 18 different coverage types you can add to your main policy.

Purchasing Insurance

Don't feel intimidated by the purchasing process. Here's an overview of what to expect when buying insurance.

Choosing Your Insurance Professional

Your insurance vendor is an important aspect of your insurance experience. Find out who the different professionals are out there, and how it will affect your insurance purchase.

Lowering Your Costs

Reel in those insurance costs with these money-saving tips.

Consider These Issues Before Buying Insurance

One size does not fit all when it comes to insurance. Ask yourself these 9 questions before purchasing insurance to determine your needs.
Legal Center

It'll Cost Ya

Know how your lawyer tallies up your legal tab.
Legal Center

House Rules

Before you let your people work at home, find out what you're liable for--and cover your bases.

Going Public

A public insurance adjuster could help you get what you deserve.
Shipping Center

Drop-Ship Your Way to Success

Forget handling inventory--find a shipping partner to fulfill orders for you.
Family Business

Preventing Feuds in the Family Business

Handling delicate topics--like succession planning--with care is key to keeping the peace in any family business.

Prepare for the Unexpected

When events take you by surprise, you need to be able to handle them properly. How prepared are you?
Learning to Lead

Learning From Your Employees

You may be the boss, but that doesn't mean you can't let your employees teach you a thing or two.
Legal Center

Rock the Vote?

When you're trying to help get a candidate elected, noncompliance with campaign rules can cost your business a lot more than just a fat donation check.

Broken Promises

Breakdown insurance can assure a quick fix.
Shipping Center

How to Find a Drop-Shipper

Rely on your own research to find the best shipping partner for your e-business.
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