Business Management

Family Business

Letting Family Members Go

Is it possible to fire a family member without inciting a feud?
Travel Tips

Booking a Luxury Hotel Room

Is your fave posh hotel full for summer? Try these new inns

The Best Strategy for Your Business

Having a strategic plan doesn't mean you're actually managing your business strategically. But it's never too late to start.

Get the Lowdown on Consumer-Directed Health Plans

Inflated health insurance prices are putting the squeeze on your budget, but are consumer-directed plans the way to go?

Home Based Business Insurance

What you need to do to protect your homebased business
Travel Tips

Don't Lose Your Luggage

Never be left without your necessities again.
Legal Center

Putting Your Oral Agreement in Writing

A reliance letter can put teeth in an oral agreement.

From Business Owner to Business Leader

Have you made the transition yet? With a few tips from this leadership expert, you can learn to become a great business leader.

The DNA of Entrepreneurial Success

In this sneak preview excerpt of The Entrepreneur Next Door, learn how your personality-and others' personalities--will affect your business.
Travel Tips

Don't Sweat It

Breeze through the summer travel season like a pro.

Creating Proof of Ownership

Make insurance claims easier by documenting what you own.
Legal Center

How Good Is Your Employee Handbook

Does your employee handbook give you enough authority?

Business Interruption Coverage

When disaster strikes, business interruption coverage pays for lost income.
Management & Operations

Cart Blanche

A kiosk or cart could be the perfect low-cost site for your start-up.
Management & Operations

Inventory Control

When it comes to inventory, the key is striking a balance between too little and too much.
Management & Operations

Tracking Inventory

The right inventory tracking system makes your life easier and your business more profitable.
Management & Operations

Inventory Turnover

Keep your business on track by keeping track of inventory turnover.
Management & Operations

Paying Your Suppliers

What kind of payment methods will your suppliers prefer?
Management & Operations

Furnishing Your Office

Get set for business by furnishing your office in style.
Management & Operations

The Ergonomic Office

Is business a pain in the neck? It wouldn't be if your office were ergonomic.
Management & Operations

Commercial Leases

Renting a location can be tricky. Here's how to get the best deal.

For Good Measure

Putting a price on your most valued employees

For Your Health

When your body breaks down, your business is likely to follow. Disability insurance protects you from disaster.
Biz Travel Awards

Baggage Check

Read these tips before you purchase new luggage.

Benefits Game

Are benefits within financial reach of a freelancer?
Growing Your Business

Chain Reaction

Is your business ready for franchising?
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