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Cash Flow & Money Management

Catch Your Cash

If it feels like your cash only flows in one direction--out--then cash-management basics can help.

Secrets to Pricing Your Product

If figuring out what to charge customers has left you baffled, try these tricks.
April 2, 2004 in Pricing

When It's Time to Raise Prices for Your Service

Tread carefully with your faithful customers, or you could end up losing their business.
March 8, 2004 in Pricing

The 5 "Cs" of Raising Money From Banks

Do you know what banks look for when lending to entrepreneurs? If not, then it's time you learned the "five C's."
February 1, 2004 in Cash Flow & Money Management

At What Price?

Find out which cost-cutting ideas will help your business-and which will hurt it.
February 1, 2004 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Outsourcing Your Payroll

If handling payroll by yourself has become a hassle, maybe it's time to go with an outside service.
January 1, 2004 in Cash Flow & Money Management
How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

These four steps will help you keep track of the money coming in and out of your growing company.
December 11, 2003 in Managing Cash Flow

How to Raise and Lower Your Prices

You need to make changes to improve your bottom line. Here's how to do it without alienating your customers.
December 11, 2003 in Pricing

What to Pay Yourself

It's your business. You get paid what you want, right? Not quite. Here's what you need to take into consideration before setting your salary.
December 11, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

What Should You Charge?

You need to charge enough to cover costs, but keep prices low to attract customers. Here's how to balance that equation.
December 11, 2003 in Pricing

Managing Your Cash Flow

Figure out where your money is going so you can avoid a cash crunch--and business failure.
December 3, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Choosing the Right Financial Professional

With advice from an expert, we can help you figure out just who you need to assist you with the financial side of your business.
November 10, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Pay Dirt!

Finally making a profit? Put it where it belongs--back in your business. Our experts tell you how.
November 1, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Stop Those Leaking Profits!

Is your business leaking profits? Find out--and get more of the revenue stream back in your company.
September 1, 2003 in Financial Analysis

What to Do With a Major Windfall

That unexpected windfall may feel like winning the lottery, but if you aren't careful, it could wreak havoc on your business.

Cash In, Cash Out

Whether your company is flush with cash or barely hanging on by a thread, how you manage payables can help unlock its potential.

Set the Right Price for Your Service

Don't go too high or too low, or customers won't buy what you're offering.
June 1, 2003 in Pricing

Chief Concern

It's time to make an executive decision about whether your company needs a CFO.

Number Rustling

Feel like your accounting is getting out of control? Rein it in with the right software.

There's No Hiding It

All the cool companies are expensing their options. Can your business survive without that extra earnings padding?
November 1, 2002 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Big Shots

Are your chances of landing a big accounting firm following Enron down the drain?
October 1, 2002 in Cash Flow & Money Management

How to Value Your Inventory

It's a great way to gain insight into the financial health of your business.
September 23, 2002 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Take This Hand

Banks are looking to find a nice entrepreneur and settle down.
August 1, 2002 in Cash Flow & Money Management

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Examine the ROI carefully to determine if that equipment purchase is really worth the money.

Why You Need an Accountant

Our startup expert explains how to work with one of the new professionals in your business life.
June 3, 2002 in Accounting Basics

How to Calculate Your Breakeven Point

You need to keep this figure as low as possible. But do you know how to calculate the breakeven point when you sell multiple products?
May 27, 2002 in Financial Analysis
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