Franchise Buying Guide

The 3 Secrets to Franchise Success

Important steps to take before buying a franchise
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

The Best Franchise Advice You'll Ever Get

How to get the information you need from your most valuable source: the current franchisees of a system
Franchising Your Business

Can You Franchise an Unsexy Concept?

The secrets to making your franchise concept attractive to franchisees
Franchise Buying Guide

Taking the Plunge into Franchising

A former Navy diver discovered security in surveillance systems.
Franchising Your Business

Should You Sell Franchises or Build a Chain?

How to decide which expansion plan is right for you
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Maximizing Your Franchise's Profit Potential

7 tips for making the most money possible from your franchise
Business Opportunities

Network Marketing Online

Want to reach a nearly unlimited pool of prospects? Take your business online.
Franchise Basics
Franchise Buying Guide

Franchise Basics

Are you thinking about buying a franchise? We've got all the information you need to help you decide whether franchising is right for you.
Researching a Franchise

Find Your Franchise Match

When searching for the perfect franchise, look past the hype. Get out, do the legwork and ask the tough questions.
Franchise Buying Guide

Franchise Funding Options

You can fund your new franchise in traditional ways--or you can get a little creative.
Franchise Buying Guide

The Wide World of Franchisees

Today's franchise buyers are a diverse group--from corporate refugees to individuals born after The Beatles split up.
Franchise Buying Guide

Offbeat Franchises

Looking for a franchise that ventures off the beaten path? A "miscellaneous" franchise could be for you.
Franchising Your Business

Next Big Thing?

Franchising can take your business far and wide.
Franchise Buying Guide

Open for Business: 9 Retail Franchise Ideas

In the retail realm, there's something for everyone--you've just got to find your niche. To help you wade through the choices, we've selected 9 ideas as a sample of what retail franchises can offer.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight On...Top Maintenance Franchises

There's a never-ending need for businesses that offer cleaning and fix-it services. Buying a maintenance franchise will help you clean up the profits.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight on ... Franchises That Cater to Kids

Think business can't be fun? We'll change your mind with these 10 kid-friendly franchises.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight On... Fresh-Food Franchises

Fast food gets fresh with healthy alternatives and new franchising opportunities.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight On... Sports Franchises

If you love sports and want to be involved 24/7, a sports franchise might just be the ticket.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight On. Ice Cream

Old-school ice cream is given a new twist with these intriguing franchise opportunities.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight On. Top Business-Service Franchises

Help other companies do business better with a business-service franchise.
Franchise Buying Guide

Are You Franchisee Material?

We asked franchisors what they want in franchisees, and 4 qualities rose to the top. Find out if they're looking for you.
Franchise Buying Guide

Hot Franchising Trends for 2007

Which types of franchises boast standout growth? Here's what's happening in the industry.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spotlight On. One-of-a-Kind Franchises

If you're looking for a unique franchise concept, take a gander at these companies.
Franchise Buying Guide

Find the Right Franchise in 2007

Our 28th Annual Franchise 500® listing is here. Take a look--we're sure you'll discover which franchise is the perfect match for you.
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

10 Signs of a Great Franchise

Ways to determine whether your dream franchise will really help you succeed
Franchising Your Business

10 Steps to Making Your Franchise the Next McDonald's

How to make sure your new franchise is a massive success
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