Good Buy

So you think buying a franchise is the best path to your business dreams? Now you need directions to the right choice of opportunity.
Business Opportunities

Can Network Marketing Compete With Retail?

Network marketing's product prices may seem higher, but the value is what keeps customers coming back.
Franchise Zone

A Franchise Grows Up

Newly revamped, Buffalo Wild Wings is gearing up to grow past its small-business roots.
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Negotiating Your Franchise Agreement

How to master the art of negotiating with your franchisor . or at least understand why negotiating isn't always to your benefit.
Franchise Buying Guide

Franchise Roadblocks

Our tips for dealing with the real-life scenarios you'll face when investigating and investing in a franchise
Franchise Zone

A Woman's Place

Is it in franchising? Top women franchisors weigh in on the future of women in franchising.
Business Opportunities

How the Recession Affects Network Marketing

Should you be spending time on network marketing when the economy is in a downturn?
Franchise Buying Guide

How the Government Protects Franchisees

You're not completely on your own while searching for a legitimate franchise. Certain regulations ensure franchisees' interests are protected.

What Makes a Good Franchisor

Sure, the franchise you're interested in may have a great concept and a record of success in its field. But how can you tell whether it has truly mastered the business of franchising?

Options for Dissatisfied Franchisees

If the rosy picture you had of owning a franchise has a little tarnish on it now, this franchise company CEO has some words of advice for you.
Franchise Buying Guide

A Hamburger by Any Other Name...

How important is product in your search for the perfect franchise?
Franchise Buying Guide

Keep Thinking

Follow the lead of these franchisees who took their ideas to the corporate office and changed the way their franchises did business.
Franchise Buying Guide

Choosing a Legal Form for Your Franchise

Sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC...know the option that's best for you before you buy a franchise.

Make Sense of the UFOC

Item 20: What does it really mean? And why is this information so important to you? We reveal how Item 20 can be both incredibly valuable ... and potentially misleading.
Franchise Zone

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

When a franchise relationship isn't working, who has the right to call it quits?
Business Opportunities

On the Level

How to set up a multilevel marketing plan

Planning a Franchise Escape

What to do if you buy a franchise...and then realize you've made a mistake
Franchise Zone

Risky Business?

Franchise defaults are up--how does it affect your ability to get a franchise loan?
Franchise Zone

Making the Cut

Jimmy John's believes having high standards for franchisees equals success.
Franchise Buying Guide

In the Money

True stories of "how I got my franchise start-up capital"
Franchise Buying Guide

Corporate Climbers

What do you do when the next rung of the corporate ladder isn't enough motivation for you? These entrepreneurs transferred their climb to the world of franchising.

Investigating a Franchise's Culture

What's just as important as how much money you'll make? Figuring out how well you'll fit in with the franchise's culture.
Franchise Zone

Fighting Back

Veteran doughnut franchise chain Winchell's is working hard to show it's still got it.

When Is a Franchise Market Too Saturated?

Franchisees and franchisors have different ideas about market saturation.
Franchise Buying Guide

Uncommon Currency

You really, really want a franchise. But you just don't have the money to buy one. Where can you turn? We hear franchisors have some tricks up their sleeves.
Franchise Buying Guide

Franchise Registration States

Find out if your state regulates franchises.
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