Grow Your Business

Management & Operations

Just-In-Time Manufacturing

A lean, mean manufacturing system means less inventory-and, often, more cash in your pocket.
Employment Law

Business Visa Basics

Immigration law and how it applies to you and your new business
Business Management

Handing Over the Family Business

How to decide which child will take the reins
Managing Employees

Get Your Employees Thinking!

Good managers don't solve all their employees' problems.
Managing Employees

Evaluating Employee Tests

Which tests will help you increase your employees' productivity?
Selling Your Biz

Preparing to Sell Your Business

10 steps to take now--even if you're years away from selling your business

Small Companies Benefit From Outside Advice

The input of an advisory board can be invaluable to the success of your business--and you don't have to run a Fortune 500 company to benefit.
Managing Employees

Banished Inquisition

Is it time to do away with yearly employee reviews?
Hiring Center

Do You Speak Swahili?

Tailor each employment application to the specific job.
Management & Operations

Superior Suppliers?

Online versions of our favorite office-supply stores: Do they make stocking any easier?
Compensation and Benefits

Doing Their Homework

When employees hit their books, you'll see the impact on yours.
Family Business Management

Who Should Be On Your Board?

Let's face it: Not every family member is cut out to be on your board of directors.

5 Common Health Insurance Mistakes

Finding a good company health plan is a must. But be warned, your decision is wrought with ways to waste money.
Growing Your Business

Big Money

Whether you want to spend the money, improve the world with it or just roll around in it, it's time you learn to build your billion-dollar business.
Managing Employees

Tough Customers

Don't let "service with a smile" leave your employees with frowns.

Expanding Health Insurance Options for Small Businesses

Tracking down affordable health insurance doesn't have to be like finding a needle in a haystack. Believe it or not, you do have choices.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Find out whether you need it-and how to get it.
International Growth

Is It Time to Go Global?

Despite the hurdles you'll have to jump, finding--and taking advantage of--international opportunities may be a smart way to grow your business.
Business Travel

Reliable Sources

Are we finally gonna get some useful travel information out of the Web?
Managing Employees

Fit For Work

Everyone wins with health promotion programs.
Growing Your Business

Double Up

Use your existing infrastructure to support your second business.
Motivation and Retention

Bidding Wars

Should you match an offer an employee gets from another company?
Managing Employees

New Exec On The Block

Help your new executives succeed from the start.
Family Business Management

It Does The Business Good

Philanthropy could help your family as much as it benefits others.

Pay as You Go

The logical way to pay workers' compensation premiums
Legal Center

Safe Harbor

As if it weren't bad enough to have someone "go postal" at your workplace, you can be held liable for the injury and death.
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