Grow Your Business


From Being Employee to Being the Boss

5 strategies to help ease the transition
Growth Strategies

Instant Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions

When done right, either of these strategies will grow your business practically overnight.
Employment Law

How to Comply With Workers' Comp Laws

Determine if your small business really needs it--and then start doing some research.
Human Resources

Leading in the Splash Zone

Ken Blanchard's Whale Done! proves the power of positive reinforcement with your employees.
Managing Employees

Be a Manager, Not a Police Officer

If you only jump in when employees have done something wrong, then it's time to take a closer look at your management style.
Motivation and Retention

Internal Customer Service: Getting Your Organization to Work Together

Great customer service isn't just about serving the people outside your company.
Selling Your Biz

How Intangible Assets Affect Business Value

When pricing your business for sale, intangible assets can be even more important than tangible property.
Managing Employees

Kids These Days

Senior staff hopelessly out of date? Younger mentors can help them keep up.

Must Haves

Clients' risk management departments can be sticklers for insurance.
Management & Operations

Flexin' the City

Think you know the face of urban America? The U.S. city is in for a workout.
Business Travel

Visitation Rights

America's top 5 destinations have what you're looking for.
Legal Center

Professional Victims

How to protect yourself against "big fakers"?
Motivation and Retention

What Happened to the Fun?

Loosen up! It is still possible to run a company where cracking smiles and having a blast are part of the daily routine.
Employment Law

The Requirements of FMLA Compliance

Avoid legal problems by providing employees with the leave they're entitled to.
Growing Your Business

Increase Sales With Up-Selling

Offer your existing customer base something extra.and watch your business grow.
Managing Employees

Rumor Has It.

Is the rumor mill out of control in your company? Keeping the communication lines open ought to take care of the problem.
Selling Your Biz

Using Multiples to Value Your Business

Valuation multiples and how can they help you determine the value of your business
Family Business

Should You Hire Family or Friends?

Do you want to mix business with family or friends? To preserve the ties that bind, be sure to prepare with care.
Motivation and Retention

Keep the Faithful

Is it better to cut positions or just salaries? . . . and carry the eight . . . wait, stop calculating and think of employee morale.

Bugs Money

Don't take a big loss when a virus strikes.

I Will Survive

Valuable tips on preparing for the worst-case scenario before disaster strikes your business
Business Travel

"No Fair" Fares

Have you paid the high price of buying cheap airline tickets?
Legal Center

Arbitration or Litigation?

Having trouble choosing between the two? Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.
Management & Operations

Trips Ahoy!

The add-ons and unbelievable deals we saw in past years may be gone, but our 9th Annual Business Travel Awards prove that good value isn't a distant memory.

Game of Risk

If you see the words "caution" or "careful" in your entrepreneurial rulebook, you're reading it wrong.
Legal Center

Paper Chase

Transcription services by any other name would smell just as sweet and successful.
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