Grow Your Business

Legal Center

Closing Down Your Business Permanently

If you're shuttering your business for good, there's more to it than drawing the blinds.

Lead the Way

Searching for the path of the true leader? Look no further. Let us show you how to get there.
Growth Strategies

Expanding With a Business Alliance

Alliances are worth their weight in business gold.
Legal Center

Private Business

The word from HIPAA is to keep it zipped when it comes to employee health issues.
Managing Employees

Brake Time?

If you work your employees to the bone and still aren't seeing any rise in productivity, speed may not be the only answer.

You Didn't Tell Me!

If your agent leaves out the good parts, get your day in court.
Legal Center

A Fran-What?!

Surprise! You may be involved in a franchise relationship and not even know it.
Managing Employees

You're Dismissed

Face it--part of your job is relieving others of theirs. So how do you do it right?
Employment Law

Complying With the Family and Medical Leave Act

How to navigate the maze of paperwork and legalities associated with granting an employee leave under the FMLA
Growing Your Business

Expanding With a Second Location

Contemplating business expansion? Here are 5 things to help make your decision a little easier.
Management & Operations

How to Choose a Temp Company

Minimize your costs and find the best help available by following these guidelines for choosing a temporary staffing company.
Managing Employees

Using Assessment Tests to Your Advantage

Employee assessment tools can be valuable, but only if you apply the results to your workplace.
Motivation and Retention

When Employees Miss Deadlines

Don't assume every glitch is a result of poor performance. Instead, look for failures in the system.
Going Global

Stay Home?

If the great global future of business is here, so far it's not much to look at. Are you trying to find a path to international success in today's world economy?
Business Travel

Safety First

Can your business travelers defend themselves?
Growth Strategies

Diversifying Your Business

Want to know one surefire method to keep your business growing? It's high time you diversified.
Managing Employees

Playing Well With Others

Being the boss is tough. Do your employees wish you'd get an attitude adjustment?

Worth a Try

Who knows what's going to work? So put as many ideas as you can to the test.
Managing Employees

Employee Interrupted

Would employees get more done if they were unavailable every now and then?

Imperfect Fit

What to do when your nonstandard business meets your standard insurance
International Growth

Protecting Your Trademark Overseas

If you want a global empire, you'll have to tackle international trademark protection.

Make Promises You Can Keep

If people can't take you at your word, you've got serious problems. Here are 4 simple ways to straighten up and fly right.
Legal Center

Managing Your Lawyer: Some Finer Points

Answers to some common questions that may arise when dealing with a lawyer
Business Travel

Good Ill Hunting

Getting the best deal from the ailing travel industry
Motivation and Retention

Need a Lift?

How to retain employees when pay raises and job security are but a memory
Family Business

Should You Hire Your Spouse?

Looking for qualified hires? Your significant other may be just what you're after.
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