Grow Your Business

Business Strategies

Do You Need an Advisory Board?

You just might, so we'll show you how to set one up.
Human Resources

Building Profitability By Building Trust

Earn your employees' respect and watch your business soar
Management & Operations

Avoiding the Zoning Trap

Even if your neighborhood's not zoned for business, you can still run a legal e-commerce or mail order business out of your home. Find out how.
Business Management

100 Ways to Be a Better Entrepreneur

Learn how to run and grow your business more effectively and efficiently.
Business Travel

Seeing Stars

Get hotel ratings from people who have actually stayed there.

Faking It & Fraud

Is your health policy legit?
Managing Employees

Leading the Way

Pick-your-own mentor programs help new employees move ahead.
Legal Center

Shark Repellent

Keep bullies at bay with these negotiating tips.
Employment Law

Are You Liable for Your Employees' Bad Actions?

Is a misogynistic manager liable for harassment?
Legal Center

Benefiting From the New Bankruptcy Law

How this year's bankruptcy act protects you if one of your customers or tenants files for bankruptcy
Managing Employees

Your Guide to Terminating Employees

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Our expert tells you how to professionally--and legally--fire an employee.
Compensation and Benefits

Small Business Retirement Plans

To help you decide what benefits would be best to offer your employees, take a look at this overview of your retirement plan options.

Recent Changes in Subchapter S Laws

Thinking about forming a Subchapter S corp? Find out how the changes made last year in the American Jobs Creation Act can affect your decision.
Business Strategies

Determining Your Exit Strategy

Feel like you're lost on your way to nowhere? Here's why you must stop turning to others for answers and decide for yourself just where you should be going.
Management & Operations

Getting Help From Colleges and Universities

Looking for guidance to help you solve a sticky business problem? The halls of higher learning have a lot to offer business owners--and much of the help is free.
Legal Center

5 Litigation Secrets

These tips may keep your business out of court--or possibly help you win if you get there.
Managing Employees

How to Recruit Top Talent

Having trouble attracting quality applicants? Your business's culture may be to blame.
Legal Center

Beware of These Business Scams

Our legal expert shares two new--and ingenious--scams every business owner should know about.
Human Resources

Selecting the Best Manager

When filling a management position, should you promote from within or hire an outsider? Our expert weighs the pros and cons.
Business Travel

Highs and Lows

Travel costs are up, but some companies are giving business travelers a break.
Employment Law

Monitoring Your Staff's Personal Habits

Controversy heats up over off-the-clock regulation.
Management & Operations

Bartering in Business

Barter is back in style and spanning the globe. Here's what you need to know to become the master of your exchange.
Managing Employees

The Truth?

Your employees can handle it, so just communicate with them, already.
Legal Center

Take It or Leave It

Laying down a final offer can get you what you want.
Exit Strategies for Your Business
Selling Your Biz

Exit Strategies for Your Business

If you're thinking ahead to the day when you'll no longer run your business, think about these five exit strategies now so you'll be prepared for your future.
Human Resources

Importance of a Job Description

It's not just for screening candidates anymore. Today, business owners are finding numerous ways to put an employee's job description to work for them.
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