Grow Your Business

Family Business

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Family Business

Don't sign up for that business license just yet--make sure you know what you're getting into with a family business.

Marketing Via the "Fear Factor"

When standard marketing tactics didn't work and their sales were going nowhere, find out why one company resorted to scare tactics to drum up business.

Worldwide Coverage

The right insurance for when you're way out of the office
Legal Center

Feeling Woozy?

If it's from the toxins, call a doctor. If it's from inheriting someone else's mess, help is coming.
Compensation and Benefits

Endless Options

No matter how often the markets let us down, stock options aren't going to die.
Business Travel

Power Trip

Pack enough voltage to last through the whole journey.

Who's Minding the Store?

Foster a good manager, and you won't have to worry about spending time away from your business.
Business Travel

Car Rental Tips

Save on your business travel budget by renting smart.
Growing Your Business

Converting Prospects to Your Way of Thinking

When prospects understand your business, they're more likely to becoming paying customers.
Employment Law

Guidelines on Overtime, Holiday Pay and Paid Days Off

When overtime is the norm for your employees, how do you determine what to pay for holidays and paid time off?
Human Resources

Finding the Time to Lead

Don't have the time to cultivate good employees? Make time! You'll thank yourself later.
Managing Employees

A Job Well Done

You won't boost employee performance without the right training and supervision.

Year In Review

Why examining your deductibles may lead to significant deductions.

Insurance and Risk Management Associations

Find more information on insurance by contacting the following industry associations.

State Insurance Departments

Not sure what insurance you legally need? Want to research a particular company? Then head on over to your state's insurance department website.

The Worst That Could Happen

It's time to face your worst business nightmares. Don't cover your ears and cringe until you hear how you can prepare yourself.

The Socially Responsible Entrepreneur

Doesn't funneling all your cash into business growth get a little old after a while?
Managing Employees

Fire Proof

A thorough investigation is the only way to build a case against problem employees.

Are You Surety?

You don't have to eat the loss when a supplier screw-up hurts your business.
Management & Operations

Examine Your Co-Op(tions)

Feeling small and inconsequential? Get some small and inconsequential friends together, and you can be big.

Hiring Your First Employee

Ready to start building a staff? Here's how to get--and keep--the best person for the job.
Managing Employees

8 Ways to Charm Your Employees

Simple moves that will help you create loyalty and rapport in the workplace

Increase Benefits Without Decreasing Your Funds

Offer your employees group life insurance--an added benefit for them at a low cost to you.
Motivation and Retention

Employee Recognition: Why It Matters

Rewarding employees for a job well-done will do wonders for their performance--and your bottom line.
Employment Law

Proper Payroll When an Employee Leaves

How soon are you required to pay a former employee's wages?
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