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Legal Center

LLC 101

Everything you ever wanted to know about forming your company as an LLC--and then some
Management & Operations

Finding Distributors for Your Product

Before you find and approach retailers, make sure you understand what they're looking for.
Growth Strategies

Want to Get Big? Try This

If your hot new product or service is a sure path to big-company success, these strategies will help you get there.
Management & Operations

Vegas, Baby!

Care to let your entrepreneurial fortunes ride out in the Nevada desert?
Management & Operations

Retailiatory Strike

Don't let the big boxes win without a fight. There's plenty of room for start-ups to make their mark in retail.
Business Travel

That'll Be Extra

Fees, fees and more fees--don't pay what you don't have to.
Compensation and Benefits

Aid Package

Is a little decision-making help needed to complete your employees' retirement plans?

Group Dynamics

Joining a trade association could set your business's agenda in motion.
Hiring Center

Not Hiring

Pretending you didn't get their resumes is no way to deal with rejection. Applicants need to know when it's over.

Return Policy

Helping the injured get back to work
Legal Center

Shred of Evidence

Learn a lesson from Arthur Andersen: Destroying documents makes you look bad.

Health Insurance Deductions: What's Legal, What's Not

Before you require employees to have health insurance or deduct premiums from their paychecks, read this.
Business Management

Passive vs. Active LLC Members: Who's Paid What?

Get the low-down on the legalities of paying active and passive investors in this business structure.
Business Management

When e-Mail Doesn't Do the Job

It might be a time-saver, but e-mail is not always the way to go when it comes to effective communication.

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

You probably care more about your company than any other person does. And that may be all you need to remember to make your business a success.

The Difference Between Managing and Leading

Understanding people will help you make the shift from managing to leading a business.

Beware the Toothless Dental Plan

Not all dental plans are created equally. Learn what to look for so you can provide your employees with the best insurance.
Legal Center

How to Lower the Risks of Competing With Your Former Boss

Before you take on your ex-employer head-to-head, make sure you understand the legal implications of this oft-risky venture.
Hiring Center

Now Hiring

There comes a time when every start-up entrepreneur just can't do it alone anymore. Is it time to find your first employee?

Why Should You Take the Fall?

A big client's bankruptcy shouldn't mean life or death for your business. Insure yourself with a UCC filing.

Booze Blues

Employee DUIs could become your problem.
Legal Center

Under the Radar?

You may be big enough to have to play by some rules, but too small for others. How do you know just what's applicable?
Business Travel

Why Wait?

Tricks for getting through the airport in this lifetime
Motivation and Retention

Please Don't Go

Turnover isn't necessarily a fact of life. Learn to keep your employees in the fold.
Employment Law

Determining What Is and Isn't a Disability

One of your employees has migraines. Is this covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Growing Your Business

Expanding Your Target Market

Your first, obvious target market doesn't have to be your only target market. Follow the example of this creative entrepreneur, and look outside the box.
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