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How to Use Exit Pop-Ups

Before they go, give your website visitors a reason to stay--or to come back later--with a well-timed exit pop-up.

In Your Face! 10 Crazy Marketing Stunts

Say it loud and proud with these funky, spunky, cheap ideas to get noticed.
February 27, 2006 in Guerrilla Marketing

How to Effectively Use Testimonials

Adding this single element to your website can multiply your profits--and get your customers selling your products for you.
February 24, 2006 in Online Marketing

How Deep Is Your Network?

You have a lot of contacts, but how well do you really know them? Strengthen the relationships you already have and you'll grow a strong network you can always depend on.
February 24, 2006 in Networking
Creating a Great Business Card

Creating a Great Business Card

Success is in the cards when you've got business cards that convey the right message.
February 19, 2006 in Marketing Materials

How to Save Face in a Business Crisis

Minimize the impact of a crisis on your small business with a pre-planned PR campaign.
February 17, 2006 in PR Basics

How to Make Friends With the Media

Want to win press coverage? Follow these four steps to building a successful media relations campaign.
February 17, 2006 in Marketing

Divide and Prosper

Drive higher sales by targeting your different types of customers with offers they can't refuse.
February 13, 2006 in Online Marketing

How Much Are You Worth?

Show your sales prospects how much they really need you with a value inventory report.
February 13, 2006 in Finding Prospects

Warm Up to Cold Calls

Everyone hates making cold calls---until they learn how to do it properly. Follow these 7 steps to overcome your fear, and start dialing for dollars.
February 8, 2006 in Finding Prospects

Best in Show

Tap the right resources to build a blue-ribbon trade-show booth.
February 8, 2006 in Marketing Basics

Do Your Customers Feel Ignored?

You may be losing business without even knowing it. Romance your customers into coming back with these ways to make them feel special.
February 6, 2006 in Customer Service

Building a Money-Making Brand

Stand out from the competition with these 5 steps to creating a winning brand platform.
February 6, 2006 in Branding

10 Creative Ways to Get PR

Think outside the box with these easy ways to promote your business.
February 6, 2006 in Public Relations

Find Your Selling Motivation

The truth about selling: You can't succeed if you're not motivated. Hit your sweet spot by determining why--and how--you sell best.
February 1, 2006 in Sales

Riding the Airwaves

A radio tour can help you spread your message coast to coast without spending a fortune. So are you ready to take the mic?
February 1, 2006 in Public Relations

How to Use RSS Feeds

Want to make sure your marketing message doesn't end up in your customers' spam folders? Get the word out with an RSS feed.

21 Ways to Bring in the Business

Despite your desperate hopes and prayers, business isn't just going to wander into your business. You need to get out there and hustle, and we've got the tips to help you do it.
February 1, 2006 in Marketing Ideas

High-EQ Networking

Improve your networking skills with four ways to boost your Emotional Intelligence.
January 23, 2006 in Networking

Hot New Ways to Market Online

Make 2006 your most profitable year ever with these top three up-to-the-minute marketing strategies.

99 Tips for Direct-Mail Marketing

Kick your marketing into high gear with these 99 ways to get customers to open your mail.
January 23, 2006 in Guerrilla Marketing

Cable TV Ads

If you think you can't afford to advertise on television, think again--and look into this less-expensive TV ad option.
January 17, 2006 in Ads by Type

Classified Ads

They may be old school, but classifieds still generate loads of interest from newspaper and magazine readers.
January 17, 2006 in Ads by Type


No one can resist a coupon! Find out how to take advantage of this enticing form of advertising.
January 17, 2006 in Ads by Type

Direct Mail

Direct mail is everywhere--and if you're not using this pervasive form of advertising, you could be missing out.
January 17, 2006 in Ads by Type

Direct Response TV Ads

Generate immediate response from your prospects by using these "Call now!" ads to attract attention.
January 17, 2006 in Ads by Type
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Make a Positive Impression on the World, and Make Money Doing It

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