Customer Service

Give Them More to Love

To keep your customers coming back, provide more reasons to appreciate what you offer.
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Online Ad Deals Are Clicking

Use these lean marketing tactics to grow your business during lean times.

Find a 'Tweet' Deal on Advertising

Banner ads aren't the only way to advertise online; take advantage with these affordable alternatives.

Close With Confidence

3 ways to boost your courage under pressure.
Sales Techniques

3 Deal-Killing Mistakes

Avoid these common blunders--or face suffering sales.
Finding Customers

New Ways to Engage Customers

Make sure these 3 crucial elements are part of your marketing plan.
Online Marketing

How to Make Your Website Really Sell

The best advice for converting visitors to your company's website into real revenue

Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowd

Feedback from the masses can help with damage control and improve your brand.
PR Basics

Lessons from 'Brand Obama'

Use the president's message control strategies to command attention.
Public Relations

'I'm Gonna Be on TV!'

Beware the lure of the direct-response companies that produce late-night TV ads--at your expense.
Online Marketing

Find Your Audience Now

Use free tools to bring people together around your brand--online or off.
Which Ad Strategy Works for You?
Advertising 101

Which Ad Strategy Works for You?

Rev up your ROI by choosing the best medium for your message.
Finding Customers

Make Noise--Even Shout--To Win Sales

Stay on your customers'--and media's--radar with newsletters, press releases, and contests.

Perfect Your Pitch

Now, more than ever, service professionals need to step it up and sell themselves.
Make the Sale

Perfect Your Pitch

In this economy, a product or service is only as good as your ability to sell it.
Customer Loyalty and Retention

How to Create Vocal Brand Advocates

7 steps to a successful advertising campaign

Help! I'm an Introvert!

By enhancing strengths and minimizing weaknesses, anyone can be a good networker.

The Human Approach

Focus less on making your pitch and more on listening to what your customers need.

The Human Approach

Focus less on making your pitch and more on listening to what your customers need.

Wipe Out Shopping Cart Abandonment

These tips will help you turn clicks into cash.
Advertising 101

9 Free Advertising Solutions

When the going gets tough, the tough advertise.
Customer Service

Provide Can-Do Customer Service

Let this anecdote serve as a reminder; the customers' experience is paramount.
Online Marketing

E-mail Marketing Still Works

Social media has its place, but e-mail remains the king of online relationship marketing.
Social Media

Sharpen Your Social Media Intelligence

Proactively monitor how your company is represented in blogs, Facebook or Twitter.
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