A New Way to Calculate Your Ad Budget

In today's business world, conventional budget calculations don't always work.
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Choosing the Best Newspapers for Your Marketing Campaign

Keep these rules in mind when newspapers become part of your marketing efforts.
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Draw Customers to Your Website With Coupons

Using coupons can be a great way to get new customers to visit your site-if you do it right.

On Bended Knee

Will that big-name client end up making—or breaking—your business?
Sales Techniques

Pump It Up

When it comes to making the sale, projecting a confident attitude is key. So what can you do to give yours a boost?
Marketing Ideas

Can't Beat These Receipts

Use register read-outs as a promotional tool

Bulking Up

A little training each day helps you pump up your game at the bargaining table.
Marketing Basics

Buy My Book

Publishing your own book is great way to publicize and promote your business.
Marketing Ideas

Promoting for Pennies

Marketing costs weighing you down? Here are 20 creative ways to boost business without breaking the bank.
Targeting Niche Markets

What Women Want

The growing economic power of women consumers is transforming today's marketplace. Find out how to tap into the desires of women--and watch your business take off.
Advertising How-To Guides

Take It Outside!

Looking for new marketing opportunities? Then maybe it's time to consider the great outdoors.
Sales Techniques

Get Results at Trade Shows Without Spending a Bundle

Even if you lack the budget for a booth, you can still boost your business at a trade show.

The Importance of Diversity in Networking

When joining a networking group, it's best to find one with members from various backgrounds.
Getting Press

Creating Timely Press Releases Year-Round

Follow these tips for creating attention-getting releases all the months of the year.
Sales Techniques

Improving Your Sales Skills

If selling makes you uncomfortable, try these strategies for success.

Cheap and Effective Advertising Techniques

If what you've tried hasn't worked, try these tips for writing an ad that gets results.
Customer Loyalty and Retention

7 Relationship-Building Strategies for Your Business

Try these tactics to get customers to think of your company first.

Give 'Em Space

A well-designed work space, that is. After all, it could make a huge difference in the way your sales team performs.
Sales Techniques

Back to Basics

Want to create a strong sales foundation? Then keep these building blocks in mind.
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Turn It Up

Learn what your radio ads need to succeed, and get ready to make some noise.
SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Sweet Reward

Web awards give your site a huge boost.

Managing Your Business Cards

Try these tips for organizing all those business cards you've accumulated.
Getting Press

How to Get Editors to Read Your Press Releases

Understanding these considerations, mistakes and myths will increase the probability of publication.
Marketing Plan

How to Develop and Run a Marketing Campaign

Prepare smart for your next marketing campaign by revising your marketing plan and understanding the different ad media available.
Marketing Ideas

On Location

Making your business the star of the big screen could mean big bucks and local exposure.
Public Relations

Spin City

How do you weather a PR crisis-and come out on top?
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