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Direct Mail

Direct mail is everywhere--and if you're not using this pervasive form of advertising, you could be missing out.
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Direct Response TV Ads

Generate immediate response from your prospects by using these "Call now!" ads to attract attention.
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If you've got a product that lends itself to a live demonstration, you may want to think about infomercial advertising.
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Magazine Ads

Got a niche product or business? Then advertising in the local section of a national magazine may be a smart move.
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Newspaper Ads

The oldest form of advertising is still an effective way to reach a large number of people. Find out if it's right for you.
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Online Ads

Not advertising online? You'd better be--that's where an increasingly large part of your target market is spending time.
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Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Got a broad customer base? Then advertising your business on a billboard could be the key to increasing sales.
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Radio Ads

Advertising in the right time slots and with the right amount of frequency are key to finding ad success on the airwaves.
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Do your business some good by sponsoring radio or TV programs that draw your target customers.
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Transit Ads

Put your ads on the move by advertising in and on buses.
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TV Ads

No matter who you're trying to reach, you'll find plenty of opportunities on network television.
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Yellow Pages Ads

If you're not advertising in your local Yellow Pages, you could be missing out on a critical source of leads.
Sales Techniques

10 Selling Resolutions

Start the new year off right with these 10 resolutions to amp up your sales.

Unlock Your Selling Potential

Want to reach peak sales performance? Unlock your selling potential by focusing on these keys to success.

5 Steps to Starting a Cable Ad Campaign

No need to spend millions to get on the big networks--reach your best customers with these 5 simple steps for launching a cable ad campaign.
SEO | Search Engine Optimization

7 Deadly Sins of E-Marketing

When it comes to your internet marketing campaign, the net is full of potential snags. Emerge unscathed by avoiding these 7 deadly sins.
Creating Memorable Business Signs
Ads by Type

Creating Memorable Business Signs

Make your business signs stand out with these proven attention-grabbing tips.
Make Over Your Business's Image
Marketing How-To Guides

Make Over Your Business's Image

The perks and perils of rebranding your company

Networking With Businesses Overseas

When it comes to networking with foreign companies, we all speak the language of referrals.
Guerrilla Marketing

Land Customers With a Marketing Bribe

What's the secret to getting customer response? It's all about the offer.

Get Customers to Open Your E-Mail

Looking for a low-cost, high-return marketing tactic? Follow these four expert tips for a successful e-mail campaign.

Boost Your End-of-Year Sales

Save time by targeting prospects you know will buy from you with this top selling "TIP"
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The Future of Ad Writing

The latest advertising trend is here. Is your ad campaign up-to-date?
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