Marketing Ideas

'Tis the Season for Business Gift-Giving

Don't have a lot to spend? With a little creativity, you can still let your business associates know you care.
Ads by Type

Using Radio to Sell a Visually Appealing Product

Think prospects have to see your product to be interested? Think again.
Market Research

Why You Need Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence should be moving up your list of entrepreneurial priorities.
Tips from Experts

Character Sketch

What are your salespeople made of? If they have the following traits, you're in good shape.
Sales Techniques

Don't Be Silly!

Quit wasting time jumping around to close a deal. You have to learn the art of selling smart.

Sucker Punches

How to tell if the other side is trying to play you for a patsy
Marketing Ideas

Fame and Fortune

A campaign starring a celebrity spokesperson could be the ticket to off-the-chart marketing success.
Sales Techniques

Sales Wide Open

Learn the art of asking open-ended questions.
Marketing Basics

Create a Steady Sales Cycle

So busy filling orders that you forgot to continue your marketing efforts? Here's how to break the cycle.

The ROI of Networking

Is networking really worth the trouble?
PR Basics

Creating "Top of Mind Awareness" for Your Business

Using PR to help you become the go-to business
Sales Techniques

Selling Your Services

How do you sell something that's intangible? Try focusing on the value.
Closing the Sale

Keep in Touch to Close the Sale

You don't want to nag prospects-but you don't want them to forget about you, either. Stay in touch with a combination of marketing and sales.

The G.A.I.N.S. Approach to Networking

Leave out any of these strategies, and your networking will be just a waste of time.

Make an Impact With Your Image

We hope your potential customers are bracing themselves--because your business is about to make some serious noise.
Tips from Experts

OK, Let's Review

Appraising your sales staff's performance doesn't have to be the biggest pain in anybody's year.
Sales Techniques

Decent Proposals

It's time to put an offer on the table. But first, you have to write one.

Here's What I'm Thinking

You'll get your best deal if prospects see things your way.
Market Research

Conducting Surveys and Focus Groups

Check out these effective market research options that won't take a toll on your budget.

Just Say No

10 deals you should never say yes to
Getting Press

Getting the Most From a Press Release

Sending it out just once isn't enough. Here's how to really make that press release work for you.

Networking on the Net

Learn how to utilize the Internet as part of your networking strategy.

6 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Network Marketer

Gather the right facts in your business opportunity investigation by asking these crucial questions.

The 10 Commandments of Networking

Leave out any of these strategies, and your networking is just a waste of time.

Selecting the Best Media for Your Ad

Don't waste time and money. Here's how to choose the best place for your ads the first time.

Advertising Your New Business

How to get big results with a small budget
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