Have Your Day in Court?

Lawsuits happen-and as with any other aspect of negotiating, it's up to you to get the best deal for your business.
Marketing Ideas

Creative Marketing on a Shoestring

You've ransacked your brain for a shred of creativity, and you still can't come up with some decent marketing tactics. Good news: We've done the work for you.

8 Strategies of Wise Negotiators

Straight from the mouths of successful CEOs, these strategies will give you the upper hand in any negotiation.
Marketing Ideas

Attracting Referrals

Encourage your happy customers to spread the word about your business.
Finding Prospects

Prospecting From Afar

When you don't have the budget to meet sales prospects in person, how can you still wow them?
Marketing Materials

Attract More Business With Direct-Mail Postcards

It's powerful-and affordable. So put direct mail to work for you now.
Market Research

Who Is Your Market-and What Do They Want?

Before you get set on one target market, figure out if there are any others eager for your product or service.
PR Basics

Publishing as a PR Vehicle

Write an article to establish yourself as an expert and garner publicity.
Marketing Ideas

Recovery Marketing: Hop on and Take a Ride

Now that the economy is on the road to recovery, here's how to get your marketing efforts back on track as well.
Targeting Niche Markets

3 Rules for Niche Marketing

Follow these maxims to grow your business's audience.
Tips from Experts

The Ins and Outs

Answering the eternal question: Sell on the phone or sell in the field?

Meet & Potatoes

The basics you need to get out of your comfort zone and network
Targeting Niche Markets

Chick Magnet

How can you attract women to your business?

Now You've Done It!

6 ways to guarantee yourself the bad end of a negotiation
Getting Press

The Best Ways to Contact Editors

Want to know how to get in good with the media? Follow these tips to make sure your company gets written about.
Finding Prospects

Developing Smooth Cold-Calling Moves

Don't live in fear of the phone. Create goals and a plan for every cold call you make.
Tips from Experts

The Right Carrot

Is your compensation plan keeping your salespeople motivated?

As Seen on TV

The time may be right for direct response TV ads, but are they right for you?

Ask Yourself This

Pose some creative questions before the deal, and you may find a new way to clinch it.

Get Over Your Networking Shyness

You can't get the word out on your business unless you're talking it up. Overcome your marketing hesitance with these 5 tips.
Sales Techniques

The 10 Golden Rules of Selling Like a CEO

The simplest rules of selling are right under your nose. All the more reason for you to find out what they are and get to work boosting your selling power.
PR Basics

PR: More Than Just a Press Release

You need the complete ingredients of public relations before you start your campaign.
Closing the Sale

Penning the Perfect Sales Letter

Entice your prospects with a well-written sales letter by following these guidelines.
Tips from Experts

Outside Chance

When the old sales plays aren't scoring, it's time to call in the Gipper: a sales consultant to rally your team.
Sales Techniques

More Than Words

Use nonverbal cues to help the sale along.
Market Research

Keeping Your Marketing Current

Your customers are changing. Can your marketing keep up?
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