Public Relations

Making the Most of a Grand Opening

Create an event to remember by doing your PR homework.
Tips from Experts

Cheer Up!

Downturn got your sales team down? Turn their frowns upside down.
Public Relations

Marketing Buzz 10/01

Making the most of industry awards and tightening the restrictions on cold calling
Sales Techniques

Just Be Yourself

Next time you go on a sales call, don't pocket your personality at the door.
Marketing Basics

Got Ideas?

If not, don't worry! Your workers do, so make them your marketing team.

Contract Cons

If you think the other side is sneaky, read this.
Marketing Basics

Moving on With Your Marketing

With our nation in turmoil, should you continue business as usual?
Sales Techniques

Surviving Seasonal Sales Slumps

When holiday cheer means an empty bank account and summer heat means parched sales figures, here's how to make the most of your business's quirky seasonality.
Sales Techniques

Say the Magic Word (Revenue) to Win Attention from CEOs

Part II in a two-part series on involving CEOs in the buying process
Marketing Basics

How to Work a Trade Show

Whether you're exhibiting or attending, here's all you need to know to make any trade show a success.
PR Basics

Should I Hire a PR Agency?

Before you launch your PR campaign, figure out the answer to this important question.
Advertising 101

Finding Ad Inspiration

Gain a competitive advantage by studying your competitors' advertising.
Sales Techniques

How to Remove Sales Barriers

Overcome rejection and transform prospects into customers.

Brand Awareness

Wake up! Your brand isn't your savior, and all the goofy ads in the world won't save your company. What can? Well...have you given good business a try?
Sales Techniques

Back Off!

Being friendly is good, but being too chummy to make the sale is not.
Tips from Experts

What's the Hook?

If you find the right bait, you'll keep your salespeople motivated--and selling.
Ads by Type

In an Instant

Track banner-ad performance in real time to find out who's paying attention.

Don't Be a Stranger

Get the scoop on the other side before you meet them at the bargaining table.
Marketing Ideas

Secret Service

Boost your business by doing a little shopping-undercover, of course.
Finding Prospects

Setting Up B2B Appointments

The best approach: Call first...and make sure you listen to what your prospect has to say.
Marketing Basics

Attending a Trade Show

They're easy enough to find. But what do you do to get there?

Understanding How CEOs Buy

Strategies to help you get past the "perched pen syndrome" and get straight to the person who has the power to buy
Marketing Plan

Creating A Marketing Plan

Design a road map to guide your marketing campaign.
Ads by Type

How Often Do I Change My Print Ad?

Three questions to ask before making any adjustments
Marketing Plan

Creating A Marketing Plan

Design a road map to guide your marketing campaign.
Closing the Sale


Customer's objections offer a window of opportunity for closing the sale.
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