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Reducing Your Overall Tax Bill

Save money by hiring family members and independent contractors.
January 19, 2004 in Money

Outsourcing Your Payroll

If handling payroll by yourself has become a hassle, maybe it's time to go with an outside service.
January 1, 2004 in Cash Flow & Money Management

License to Profit

Could licensing your intellectual property provide the extra capital you've been looking for?
January 1, 2004 in Financing

What's Your Type?

Buying business real estate? The legal entity you choose could make a big difference in your tax bill.
January 1, 2004 in Tax Essentials

What Should You Charge?

You need to charge enough to cover costs, but keep prices low to attract customers. Here's how to balance that equation.
December 11, 2003 in Pricing

What to Pay Yourself

It's your business. You get paid what you want, right? Not quite. Here's what you need to take into consideration before setting your salary.
December 11, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management
How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

These four steps will help you keep track of the money coming in and out of your growing company.
December 11, 2003 in Managing Cash Flow

How to Raise and Lower Your Prices

You need to make changes to improve your bottom line. Here's how to do it without alienating your customers.
December 11, 2003 in Pricing

Managing Your Cash Flow

Figure out where your money is going so you can avoid a cash crunch--and business failure.
December 3, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

How Low?

With new tax brackets, now's the time to lower your withholding.
December 1, 2003 in Tax Essentials

Why Lenders Like Funding Business Acquisitions

Buying an existing business may get lenders on your side faster than building from scratch.
December 1, 2003 in Financing

Finding Equity Investors

Try this method for bringing equity investors to your business.
November 24, 2003 in Financing

Setting the Right Price

How to balance costs and profits when charging for the items you sell
November 10, 2003 in Money

Choosing the Right Financial Professional

With advice from an expert, we can help you figure out just who you need to assist you with the financial side of your business.
November 10, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Purchasing Savings Bonds Online

U.S. Savings Bonds are going high-tech—with online purchasing.
November 1, 2003 in Investment Options

Pay Dirt!

Finally making a profit? Put it where it belongs--back in your business. Our experts tell you how.
November 1, 2003 in Cash Flow & Money Management

The Big Guns

Getting corporate investors on your side can certainly boost your business. Learn how corporate VCs think-and how to set your sights on landing one.
November 1, 2003 in Venture Capital

Taxing Matters

Come tax time, you'll be glad you decided to start your own homebased business.
November 1, 2003 in Tax Essentials

Going Public

A reverse merger may be the fast way to take your business public, but is it for you?
November 1, 2003 in Financing

Determining Ownership Among Founders and Investors

Different risk exposures should mean different equity positions.
October 27, 2003 in Financing

Dividing Equity Between Founders and Investors

How to figure out who gets what percentage of the business when investors come on board
October 13, 2003 in Venture Capital
Setting up Your Business to Receive Payments

Setting up Your Business to Receive Payments

Before you accept cash, checks and charges from your customers, there are some things you must know.
October 13, 2003 in Money

Institutional Venture Capital

If your company has potential for rapid growth, institutional venture capital could be for you.
October 6, 2003 in Venture Capital

What You Really Need to Know About Startup Financing

Don't waste your time looking for money in all the wrong places. Here's the truth about startup financing.
October 1, 2003 in Financing

A Perfect Match?

If you think an intermediary service has the quick fix you need for finding investors, take a second look.
October 1, 2003 in Financing

House of Cards?

Home-equity borrowing could be risky business as interest rates rise.
October 1, 2003 in Self-Financing
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