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House of Cards?

Home-equity borrowing could be risky business as interest rates rise.
October 1, 2003 in Self-Financing

If You Build It . . .

Are you overlooking significant deductions on new construction or major remodeling projects?
October 1, 2003 in Tax Deductions

What You Really Need to Know About Startup Financing

Don't waste your time looking for money in all the wrong places. Here's the truth about startup financing.
October 1, 2003 in Financing

Short-Term Loan Solutions

Securing a succession of small loans can help you cover expenses while building revenues
September 22, 2003 in Financing

Not So Fast!

Seeking an investor? Slow down and take five steps to protect your company from making a bad choice.
September 1, 2003 in Angel Investors

Payroll Piggy Bank?

The IRS is no pushover when it comes to payroll withholding taxes. So if you're tempted to misuse these funds, you'd better reconsider.
September 1, 2003 in Tax Essentials

Stop Those Leaking Profits!

Is your business leaking profits? Find out--and get more of the revenue stream back in your company.
September 1, 2003 in Financial Analysis

Give 'Em Credit

They're not just for car loans and home mortgages. Now credit unions are making business loans.
August 1, 2003 in Financing

Determining the Value of a Business for Sale

Buyers and sellers may not initially agree on a price, but the following considerations can help the negotiations along.
July 28, 2003 in Financing

Pros and Cons of the LLC Model

Want to form an LLC? Before you make your decision, consider the tax benefits--as well as the disadvantages.
July 21, 2003 in Tax Center

Get Yourself Paid

Try these two techniques for dealing with deadbeat customers.
July 7, 2003 in Billing and Collections

What to Do With a Major Windfall

That unexpected windfall may feel like winning the lottery, but if you aren't careful, it could wreak havoc on your business.

Bonus Round

Taking on some venture debt after a round of VC can give you more bang for your buck.
July 1, 2003 in Venture Capital

Can't Win for Losing

A mutual fund tax quirk limits your capital losses.
July 1, 2003 in Tax Essentials

Raising Money With Short-Term Notes

How to know if convertible short-terms notes are the right financing strategy for your business
June 23, 2003 in Financing

Caps Off to You!

More small-business opportunities can flow freely now that the SBA has finally removed its 7(a) loan cap.

Are Any Mutual Funds a Sure Thing?

Certain funds offer you guarantees-for a price.
June 1, 2003 in Investment Options

Cash In, Cash Out

Whether your company is flush with cash or barely hanging on by a thread, how you manage payables can help unlock its potential.

Set the Right Price for Your Service

Don't go too high or too low, or customers won't buy what you're offering.
June 1, 2003 in Pricing

Get Creative With Your Financing Strategies

How to acquire the equipment you need now without going broke
May 26, 2003 in Financing

Tell Me No Secrets

You may be turning VCs off if you're asking them to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
May 1, 2003 in Venture Capital

Your Loss Is Your Gain

Taking a hit during hard times isn't necessarily a lose-lose situation if you're an S corporation.
May 1, 2003 in Tax Essentials

Securing a Bridge Loan

The ABCs on what a bridge loan is, why you should think about getting one and how to do it
April 28, 2003 in Bank Loans and Microloans

The Documentation of Business Entertainment Deductions

The five things you need to record to avoid an audit
April 22, 2003 in Tax Tips

Deduct This Year, Save This Year

Savings steps you should take before the end of the calendar year
April 22, 2003 in Tax Tips

Protect Yourself When Taking the R&D Credit

Follow these steps to avoid an audit.
April 22, 2003 in Tax Tips
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