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The Pros and Cons of Internet Taxes

Two sides lay out their cases for whether Internet transactions should be taxed.
March 23, 2001 in Tax Center

Looking For Funding?

Don't overlook venture forums.
March 19, 2001 in Financing

Writing A Grant Proposal

Put your investment needs in writing.
March 12, 2001 in Financing

Beware The Ball And Chain

. . . of a loan: avoiding prepayment penalties.
March 1, 2001 in Bank Loans and Microloans

What, No Farm?

The Agriculture Department has its eye on business, too.
March 1, 2001 in Financing

The Graduates

Moving from individual investors to institutional VCs means learning to play by a new set of rules.
March 1, 2001 in Venture Capital

Trimming The Fat

Your big, bloated company is costing you an arm and a leg. Maybe it's time to cut back.
March 1, 2001 in Financial Analysis

Who Are Your Best Customers?

The profitable ones, of course.
March 1, 2001 in Financing

Keeping Your Shirt From Creditors

Don't let debt take over your dream.
March 1, 2001 in Financing

MLMers: Employees or Independent Contractors?

Figure our your tax classification.
March 1, 2001 in Tax Center

Should You Throw in the Towel?

Don't bail until you read this.
February 19, 2001 in Financial Analysis

First Strike

Does the early bird get the loan?
February 1, 2001 in Bank Loans and Microloans

Enticing Investors

Early-stage investors need to know how they'll get a return on their investment in your company, and IPOs aren't the answer.
January 15, 2001 in Venture Capital

Sweet Promises

When do you have to personally guarantee a loan?
January 1, 2001 in Bank Loans and Microloans

Insider Lending

Learn what SBA lenders really look for-and how to give it to 'em.
January 1, 2001 in SBA and Government Funding

Fast Cash

Catch a major-league SBA loan in just hours with a "preferred" lender.
January 1, 2001 in SBA and Government Funding

Go Figure!

Ever wonder just what investors are looking for when they pore over all those numbers in your financial statements?
January 1, 2001 in Managing Cash Flow

IRS Compliance Checks

Learn how to navigate an IRS compliance check for independent contractors and classify workers properly for payroll tax purposes.
January 1, 2001 in Tax Center

Watch Your Investments Rebound

Your fallen stocks may see brighter days in January.
December 25, 2000 in Investment Options

What Is Your Business Worth?

Find out how to value your privately held business.
December 18, 2000 in Financing

Tax Ramifications of Educational Benefits

Deciphering the deductibility rules regarding educational employee benefits
December 11, 2000 in Tax Deductions

Deciphering Your P&L

How to calculate your "working capital movement"
December 4, 2000 in Managing Cash Flow

Shower Power

Running a succesful business . . . out of a shower stall? Why you might want to check out business incubators
December 1, 2000 in Financing

It Figures

How to determine how much of a line of credit you need for your growing business
December 1, 2000 in Getting Started

Brother, Can You Spare $10,000?

Microlenders are filling in the financing gaps homebased businesses often fall through.
December 1, 2000 in Bank Loans and Microloans

Bouncing Back

Learn how to get your personal portfolio back up to par.
November 27, 2000 in Personal Finance
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