When Lease Is More

Equipping your new business doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Getting Started

On The Money

Figuring out how much cash you really need to start your business
Payments & Collections

Managing Your Personal and Business Credit

When you're a small-business owner, there's a delicate balance between your personal and business credit. Here are some smart tips for handling both effectively.
Personal Finance

Financial Planning 101

Learn how to take control of your personal financial situation in eight easy steps.
Tax Center

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Skip the April Tax Deadline

Sole proprietors, whether LLCs or not, can benefit by filing their tax returns later in the year.
Tax Center

A Quick Guide to Tax Extensions

This legal expert shares the facts when it comes to filing for a tax extension.

Choosing Between Debt and Equity Financing

When it comes to getting outside funding for your startup, you have two routes to take. Our financing expert helps you decide which is best for you.

Financing Your Radical Concept

Is your company's concept so cutting edge that investors won't touch it? Here's how to get their attention--and their money.

Better Than a Bank?

When it comes to lending, finance companies are often less demanding and more understanding than banks.
Tax Center

Getting Cash From Your IRA

You may be able to take money from your IRA, penalty-free.
Retirement Planning

New Retirement Plans

More choices for 401(k) and 403(b) plans mean the sky's the limit on your retirement-planning options.
Venture Capital

Can You Really Land Venture Capital?

Our raising money expert takes a look at the current state of VC funding to give you the straight facts about your chances of attracting capital.
Retirement Planning

It's Not Too Late to Save for Retirement

A defined benefit plan can supercharge your savings and reduce your taxable income.
Financial Analysis

Determining Your Break-Even Point

Here are five easy steps to understanding your pricing and ensuring profitability.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Keeping Track of Your Credit Score

It's time to give your credit report its annual checkup. If you find any bugs, kill 'em fast to help keep your business nice and healthy.
Venture Capital

Spelling Out Your Funding Terms

Negotiating a VC investment can be tricky. So does it pay to spell out your terms to potential investors from the get-go?
Tax Center

New Tax Laws for 2006

New tax laws for 2006 could benefit your business.

The Best Funding Source for You

Most entrepreneurs don't know who to go to for money and when. Our raising money expert helps you sift through the choices.
Tax Center

Tax Tips for Home Business Owners

Get the most out of your refund this year with smart advice for preparing and filing your taxes.

Can Young Entrepreneurs Get Funding?

If you're young and in love with the idea of starting a business, these tips will help you in your search for startup financing.

Investment Strategies for the New Year

Even if you aren't among those who normally make New Year's resolutions--and keep them--2006 may the year you'll want to start.
Personal Finance

When Not to Trust Your Instincts

When making investment decisions, your gut isn't always your best guide.
Tax Essentials

Tax Shelters to Steer Clear of

To avoid trouble, stay away from these tax shelters.
Investment Options

Investing in China

China holds a host of investment possibilities. If you're thinking of making the leap, here are some smart ways to get started.

Little-Known Funding Faux Pas

Ten things entrepreneurs often overlook when trying to raise capital

To Pay or Not to Pay?

How do you know when--and how much--to pay yourself? Our startup expert explains how to set your salary.
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