Tax Tips

Take Advantage of Tax-Incentive Programs

Reduce taxes by expanding or moving to a tax-friendly area.
Tax Tips

Establish a Multistate Presence to Save on State Taxes

Divvy up your income and taxes owed among several states.
Tax Tips

Doublecheck Your Company's Records for Tax Savings

Be sure you still own what you're claiming.
Tax Tips

Sales Tax Tips

Before you start collecting sales revenue, register to collect sales tax.
Tax Tips

Prepare the Proper Paperwork for Employees

Make sure you're compliant with U.S. law by filling I-9 and W-9 forms.
Tax Resources

Helpful Tax Websites

Looking for more tax information? Check out these chock-full-of-info websites.
Tax Center

Glossary of Tax Terms

Get in the know with our alphabetical list of tax terms for your business.
IPOs and DPOs

The ABCs of IPOs

If you're thinking about launching an initial public offering for your company, this step-by-step guide to IPOs will familiarize you with the process.
Tax Center

Tax Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

A quick look at money-saving deductions, how to classify the people who work for you and more
Tax Planning

11 Ways to Reduce Your 2004 Tax Bite

It's not too late to take advantage of some smart strategies that will help you retain more of your hard-earned profits.

Coming Up Short

Short-term financing could help your company overcome temporary setbacks or cash-flow issues.
Tax Center

No Exemptions for E-Businesses

Online businesses still need to adhere to real-world tax and license regulations.
Investment Options

The Benefits of Convertible Funds

Flexibility is a key feature of convertible funds.

Common Cents

Approaching investors who share your interests is the first step to getting the dollars you need.

Drafting Your Budget

Save time and money by preparing the right financial plan for your business.

Important Finance Terms Defined

A quick review of some basic financial terminology every entrepreneur should understand.

Top 10 Finance Terms

Before getting financing, make sure to familiarize yourself with the basic terminology.

Equity Vs. Sub-Debt Financing

Do you need capital to expand your business? These tips will help you determine which of these two types of financing is right for you.

Relief Valve?

Done right, a private investment in public equity, or PIPE, could bring your business much-needed cash.
Tax Center

The Many Benefits of Forming an LLC

A closer look at why this legal structure can be good for business.
Investment Options

Funds That Track Indexes and Sectors

Here's the skinny on exchange-traded funds.

Commercial Break

When banks can't give you the funds you need, look to commercial finance companies for help.
Tax Center

Does Your Estate Plan Need a Disclaimer Provision?

Make sure your family gets what it needs by including a disclaimer provision in your estate plan.

Negotiating Private Lender Credit Terms

When working with a private lender vs. a commercial bank, there are different considerations to keep in mind.

The Other Colors of Money

If banks and VCs are out of your financial picture, don't despair. These 3 alternative sources of capital could provide the funding you're looking for.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Money to Burn?

Before you go on a spending spree with your surplus cash, get your priorities straight.
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