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Sales Techniques

Should You Offer Extra Services or Lower Prices?

How to decide which is better for your business: adding an extra service to your product or lowering the price
July 1, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Speeding up Sales

If you create a process that works, you can repeat that process for quicker sales.
June 10, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Win 'Em Over

All's fair in love and war. Go ahead, woo your rivals' clients.
June 1, 2002 in Sales Techniques

What's a Customer Worth in a Lifetime?

Calculating each customer's value will help you determine where to focus your energies.
May 28, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Creating a Chain Reaction of Sales

Don't just focus on finding any old prospect. Find the ones who will lead you to other sales prospects.
May 13, 2002 in Sales Techniques

That's a Shocker

Are you willing to do what it takes to make your customers say "wow"?
May 1, 2002 in Sales Techniques

The 10 Golden Rules of Selling Like a CEO

The simplest rules of selling are right under your nose. All the more reason for you to find out what they are and get to work boosting your selling power.
January 28, 2002 in Sales Techniques

More Than Words

Use nonverbal cues to help the sale along.
January 1, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Attention, Shoppers!

Paco Underhill knows what they look at, what they buy and why, so get ready to put a huge dent in the concept of customers' free will.
December 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

The 3 Keys to the CEO Sale

When CEOs are making a buying decision, they've got 3 things on their mind. Learn them, and learn them well.
November 26, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Selling Points

Catchy phrases become clich�s because they're true. Take a look at these 6 sales maxims and see if you agree.
November 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Preparing to Sell

How to build up enough speed to let your sales--and your new business--take off
November 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Selling Like a Leader: Welcome to New World Selling

Say hello to a new kind of selling--not well-suited for the technophobe
October 22, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Just Be Yourself

Next time you go on a sales call, don't pocket your personality at the door.
October 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Surviving Seasonal Sales Slumps

When holiday cheer means an empty bank account and summer heat means parched sales figures, here's how to make the most of your business's quirky seasonality.
October 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Say the Magic Word (Revenue) to Win Attention from CEOs

Part II in a two-part series on involving CEOs in the buying process
September 24, 2001 in Sales Techniques

How to Remove Sales Barriers

Overcome rejection and transform prospects into customers.
September 3, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Back Off!

Being friendly is good, but being too chummy to make the sale is not.
September 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Calling the CEO: It's More Important (and Trickier) Than You Think

Have you called your best CEOs lately? If not, you're handing business over to your competitors.
July 23, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Seller Beware

Tips to keep retail buyers from kicking your product to the curb
July 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

What You Can Learn from Disruptive CEOs

Shake things up in your search for sales.
June 18, 2001 in Sales Techniques

One of the Good Guys

Prospects will reach for their cash once you prove you're on their side.
June 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Seven Things Every CEO Should Know

Even as a CEO, you should never be above getting your hands dirty in the sales process.
May 18, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Happy Sales To You

Get on the right trail by connecting with your prospects' star players.
May 1, 2001 in Sales Techniques

Your Daily Sales Plan

Our Sales Expert shows you how to increase sales by the hour.
September 25, 2000 in Sales Techniques

Reeling In The Big Ones

Overcome your fear, and you could land the mother of all accounts.
January 1, 2000 in Sales Techniques
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