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Startup Basics

What Not to Do

A seasoned entrepreneur reveals the 17 most common mistakes startups make and how to avoid them -- plus, the 5 things you must do to ensure success.
February 1, 2004 in Startup Basics

How Do I Start a Business?

You know you want to be an entrepreneur-now find out what it takes to really get going.
February 1, 2004 in Startup Basics

Book Smarts Vs. Street Smarts

To succeed in business, which is more valuable?
January 5, 2004 in Startup Basics

Wealthy Returns

Get-rich-quick seminars promise the American dream, but do they really deliver? Our writer went undercover to find out.
December 4, 2003 in Startup Basics

Growing Up

Want to start an artistic business? A creative incubator could be just what you need to come out of your shell.
December 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

Attract Investors by Sharing the Risk

Investors will be more willing to finance your business if you're also putting money into the venture.
December 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

Formulating a Strategy Before Starting Your Business

Thinking through the different components of your strategy will help you react quickly when your business hits a rough spot.
December 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

Why You Need a Mentor

Don't be intimidated to ask for help. There are many successful entrepreneurs happy to show you the ropes.
December 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

40 Government Sites You Can't Live Without

Whether it's a loan, a contract or regulatory information you seek, these sites are just what you need to get acquainted with what the government can do to help you start or grow your business.
November 21, 2003 in Startup Basics

How to Find the Perfect Business Partner

If you've got the idea, where do you find the person with the know-how?
November 10, 2003 in Startup Basics

Choose the Right Biz

Want to launch your own startup? These guidelines will ensure you're pursuing the right opportunity.
November 3, 2003 in Startup Basics

How Can You Become a Young Millionaire?

Find out from author and young entrepreneur Jennifer Kushell, who explains how to get everything you want without waiting a lifetime.
October 17, 2003 in Startup Basics

Can You Handle the Stress of Running a Business?

Feeling pressured is natural, but it may be a deal-breaker for some would-be entrepreneurs.
October 6, 2003 in Startup Basics

Friends in Need

Now you can find start-up support without ever leaving your computer.
October 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

What's Stopping You From Startup?

It's not just fear that's making you second-guess your start-up dreams. Here are 5 other common reasons you might be stalling--and what you can do about them.
August 11, 2003 in Startup Basics

Finding That Perfect City

Deciding on a city for your business's location isn't easy. Here are some pointers to help with your decision.
August 5, 2003 in Location

Start-Up FAQs

Tax deductions, pricing, scoping out your competition and more answers to some of your common questions
August 4, 2003 in Startup Basics

Guiding Light

Feeling a little lost at the helm of your business? Don't worry: A peer group can help you find your way out of the darkness.
August 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

Top 3 Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Don't let fear of failure stop you in your tracks. Avoid these common pitfalls, and you'll be on your way to success.
June 16, 2003 in Startup Basics

With a Little Help From My Friends

A strong support system will see you through the start-up phase and beyond.
June 1, 2003 in Startup Basics

How to Compensate Yourself and Others

Answers to some of your most pressing questions about how to pay your own salary and how to compensate independent contractors
May 27, 2003 in Money Basics

Biggest Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Don't let these common mistakes destroy your chances at having a successful start-up.
May 12, 2003 in Startup Basics

When 50/50 Ownership Splits Just Don't Work

Sometimes, divvying up everything equally in a business isn't in everyone's best interests.
Do You Really Have What It Takes

Do You Really Have What It Takes

A new look at the classic question of whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur
April 22, 2003 in Startup Basics

Overcoming Obstacles to Success

No matter what your gender or ethnic heritage, you can succeed in business--if you turn your obstacles into opportunities.
April 21, 2003 in Startup Basics

Tips for Handling Stress

Pulling your hair out won't help you deal with the stress of running your business. Try these tactics instead.
April 7, 2003 in Startup Basics
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