Startup Basics

Scott McDaniel & Christian Vaneh, Co-Founders, Survey Gizmo
Naming Your Business

Scott McDaniel & Christian Vaneh, Co-Founders, Survey Gizmo

Scott McDaniel and Christian Vaneh, Co-Founders, Survey Gizmo, talk about the inspiration for the company and its name.
Growth Strategies

Leverage the Ups and Downs of the Housing Market

While the industry floundered, these businesses positioned themselves for growth.
Your Business Plan

A Good Year for Business Planning

3 reasons businesses will benefit from better planning in 2010.
Entrepreneurship: No Experience Necessary
Startup Basics

Entrepreneurship: No Experience Necessary

6 tips for starting a business with little industry experience or business know-how
Managing Cash Flow

7 Things You Should Never Buy Retail

Use these bargain-hunting tips to stretch your startup dollar.
Turn Failures Into Fortunes
Success Stories

Turn Failures Into Fortunes

For these entrepreneurs, going under was just the beginning.
Venture and Angel Investors

Break Down the VC Barrier

Landing investors takes a lot of persistence and a little luck. Here's how these entrepreneurs did it.
Success Stories

From Problems to Profits

For these entrepreneurs, pressing personal needs were the inspiration for thriving startups.
Startup Basics

The Entrepreneur Economy

While the corporate world struggles to find its footing, entrepreneurs are stepping up with new ideas.
Startup Basics

The Trade War That Wasn't

New restrictions on tire imports from China may not provoke the backlash expected.

Make an Online Capital Connection

Sometimes finding the right investor is all about chemistry.
Startup Financing

5 Rules for Pitching the Very Rich

Wonder if even seasoned pros screw it up? Let me count the ways.
Startup Basics

Make the Most of Your Advertising Dollars

4 tips to make the most of your money in a buyer's market
Your Business Plan

College Startups: Strip Down to the Essentials

Start small, with a basic idea and build from there.
Customer Loyalty and Retention

Focus on Core Customers

Be committed to them, and they'll deliver new clients to you.
Business Ideas

Involver: A New Frontier in Marketing

Rahim Fazal forged a niche helping advertisers engage customers using new media formats.
Your Business Plan

My Planning's Off. What Now?

Here are 3 steps to take when your business plan doesn't match the actual.

Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank

It may be just a TV show, but entrepreneurs can learn a lot about the perfect pitch by watching.
Startup Basics

Is it Really Innovation?

Peter Diamandis talks about what innovation really is while Tim O'Reilly calls the I-word era "dead on arrival."
Sales Techniques

Do a Sales Job on Yourself

Resolve to put your customers' interests first and watch your sales increase.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Big Returns Come in Micro-sized Packages

A microloan from a community-based lender can provide the cash you need.
Payments & Collections

Strengthen Your Credit Policy Today

Keeping a close eye on accounts receivable is the best way to manage cash flow.
Startup Basics

Increase Your Startup's Online Visibility

5 ways to develop engaging brand language and ensure success on the internet
Management & Operations

Importing Goods? Adhere to the Rules

Trade preferences can offer big duty savings, but mind the paperwork.
Your Business Plan

Get the Best Deal on Rent

Tips to help you negotiate the best deal on commercial real estate.
Startup Basics

Turn Rejection Into Momentum

Don't allow the fear of rejection to stop you from taking risks.
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