Starting a Business

Bank Loans and Microloans

Big Returns Come in Micro-sized Packages

A microloan from a community-based lender can provide the cash you need.
Online Marketing

Create Measurable Impact

Web metrics numbers are only as good as what you do with them.
Payments & Collections

Strengthen Your Credit Policy Today

Keeping a close eye on accounts receivable is the best way to manage cash flow.
Startup Basics

Increase Your Startup's Online Visibility

5 ways to develop engaging brand language and ensure success on the internet
How to Start a Restaurant
Restaurant Center

How to Start a Restaurant

Whether you want to serve fast food, steak, pizza or coffee, start your journey here with this comprehensive guide to launching your own food establishment.
Management & Operations

Importing Goods? Adhere to the Rules

Trade preferences can offer big duty savings, but mind the paperwork.
Designing From Scratch
Success Stories

Designing From Scratch

With little background, a husband-and-wife duo brought their graphic design business to the forefront of the industry.
Your Business Plan

Get the Best Deal on Rent

Tips to help you negotiate the best deal on commercial real estate.
Tapping Friends and Family for Startup Funds
Borrowing Startup Funds From Friends and Family

Tapping Friends and Family for Startup Funds

Make sure you cover your bases before accepting a loan or investment from a friend or family member.
Business Ideas

Renewable Energy is a Hot Commodity

Some businesses are cashing in on increased demand for alternative energy.
Startup Basics

Turn Rejection Into Momentum

Don't allow the fear of rejection to stop you from taking risks.
Startup Basics

Are You Building Online Customer Communities?

The Small Business Answer Man™ Jim Blasingame answers your questions.
Startup Basics

3 Steps to the Right Marketing Mix

How to create a marketing mix that will get your business off to a flying start.
Going Green

Making Solar Accessible

Education is the key to capitalizing on the green movement.
Business Ideas

Turn Design-on-Demand Into Profits

These startups are proof positive that there's money in customized products.
Startup Basics

More Buck Than Bang

Don't waste your startup funds on marketing tactics that cost more than they're worth.
Startup Financing

7 Tips to Score VC Cash

Venture capitalists tell us what it takes to win funding in this environment.
Startup Basics

Casting a Long Shadow

Find out how to make your organization look bigger than it really is with these tips.
Startup Financing

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Learn to leverage your status as a minority-owned business to get the funding you need.
Your Business Plan

Growing Green Revenues

How alligning value with values can win sales in the office supply industry
Your Business Plan

Business Planning for the Rest of Us

Having a plan is about managing your company, not explaining it.
Lines of Communication

Lines of Communication

Should you let your employees talk directly to your VCs?
Business Ideas

What Dead Zone?

Costume megastores can whip up scary-good profits in two months.
New Ideas

When It Feels Wrong To Be Right

Remember these rules when you're tempted to 'trust your gut.'
Business Ideas

Solo, But Not Alone

A new generation of entrepreneurs is congregating in 'co-working' spaces across the country.
Business Ideas

Taking the Right Road

A former traveling salesman finds his true calling: offering reliable home care to ailing seniors.
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