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Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Home Based Businesses

Help couples tie the knot with these businesses you can run from your home.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Service-Oriented Businesses

If working closely with newlyweds-to-be appeals to you, consider these service-oriented businesses.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Product-Oriented Businesses

By offering these products, you can help make a couple's wedding stand out.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Rentals

These rental businesses could be your 'in' to the wedding industry.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Planning and Advising

Your expertise may be just what engaged couples need.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Favors and Accessories

Give weddings a personalized touch by offering these products.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Creative and Artistic Businesses

Do weddings inspire your creative side? Then check out these artistic businesses.
Startup Financing

Government Venture Capital Resource

Where to find Small Business Investment Companies
Distribution and Licensing

Beam Me Up

Companies that can help you get your product onto direct-response TV stations and into retail stores

Patent Legalese

Find the right person to protect your idea.
Your Business Plan

Building a Strategy Pyramid

Need help implementing your ideas? This approach may provide you with the structure you need.
Success Stories

Baby on Board

Need a business idea? Have a baby. Meet some entrepreneurs whose role as fathers led to successful ventures.
Business Ideas

In The Jeans

My clothing design is ready for the world. Now what?
Business Ideas

Speak Up!

How to get work conducting business seminars
Choosing a Business Structure

Choosing a Business Structure

Learn what to take into consideration when deciding among corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, partnerships and other structures.
Success Stories

The Revolution of Video Advertising

A startup cashes in on the popularity of online video through ads.
Success Stories

Here Today; Abroad Tomorrow

Some entrepreneurs are taking their ventures overseas and finding that the cultural benefits outweigh the business challenges.

How To Market A New Product

Start small and create a timeline for taking your product to national distribution.
Business Ideas

When War Means Profits

By catering to soldiers and their families, some businesses are keeping both goodwill and profits in mind.
Business Ideas

Pirate Sales Catch Wind

Avast, ye mateys! These entrepreneurs have turned their pirate dreams into treasure.
Business Ideas

Mystery Shopping Demystified

Learn how a stay-at-home mom turned shopping into a source of income.
Business Ideas

Things You Don't Know About Organics

The organics industry has been dominating headlines, but there may be some facts that still surprise you, such as who is buying.
Your Business Plan

The Facts About Financial Projections

Are you putting off making financial projections for your business plan? They're not as complicated as they sound.
Success Stories

My Mom, My Mentor

Entrepreneurs share the motherly advice that has shaped them into the successful leaders they are today.

Millionaire Moms' Secrets to Success

Learn how these women turned great ideas into booming businesses.
Success Stories

Meet You on the Green

Sportsvite is uniting fellow sports lovers through a growing online community.
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