Starting a Business

Building a Website

For More Sales, Create a Landing Page

A well-conceived landing page sends the right signals about your company and can help boost conversion rates.
Your Business Plan

My Planning's Off. What Now?

Here are 3 steps to take when your business plan doesn't match the actual.

Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank

It may be just a TV show, but entrepreneurs can learn a lot about the perfect pitch by watching.
Your Business Plan

Sustainability Increases Stockholder Value

New research indicates that sustainability can also equal profitability.
A Photographer's View
Success Stories

A Photographer's View

Take a glimpse into the photography business as photographer Harper Smith talks about how she got her studio off the ground.
Success Stories

Brewing Big (With a Micro Soul)

After 18 years of growth and with annual revenue about to break $100 million, Kim Jordan still maintains New Belgium's freewheeling spirit.
Business Ideas

Honk if You Can Read This

Sign spinning has morphed from curbside oddity to performance art--and a surprisingly effective way for a startup to grab attention.
Startup Basics

Is it Really Innovation?

Peter Diamandis talks about what innovation really is while Tim O'Reilly calls the I-word era "dead on arrival."

Get Rich Off Your Million-Dollar Idea

It's not geniuses who come up with inventions. It's normal people who see a better way to do things.
Startup Financing

Ex-Googler Launching $5 Million VC Fund

Chris Sacca goes from angel investor and Google employee to venture capitalist.
Business Ideas

Startups Are Working on Algae Biofuels

56 startups are looking to algae as the cure for our oil addiction.
Home Based Basics

Learn How to Delegate Better

Do an assessment of your weaknesses and find the right people to fill in those gaps.
Home Based Basics

Feng Shui for the Home Office, Part I

Enhancing the energy of a space can increase productivity and creativity.

Crowd-Sourcing: The New Angel Investor

Will crowd-sourcing revolutionize the financing industry?

Raising Funding in a Harsh Environment

4 things you can do to get venture capitalists to take notice of your startup.
Young Entrepreneurs

More Than Just a Number

Jennifer Walzer was young, fearless and fed up when she launched Backup My Info!
Startup Advice from Professor Robert Foster
Your Business Plan

Startup Advice from Professor Robert Foster

Robert Foster, UCLA Adjunct Professor at Anderson School of Management, discusses the essential elements of a business plan and the common pitfalls that face new businesses.
Sales Techniques

Do a Sales Job on Yourself

Resolve to put your customers' interests first and watch your sales increase.
Business Ideas

Expertise in the Field

Starfire Sports' founder applied what he learned in the tech sector to a nonprofit venture
Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy?
Success Stories

Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy?

If you're thinking about ditching the corporate world for a franchise, author Mitchell York has the reality check you need.
Going Green

10 World-Changing Green Trends

Capitalize on these developments and boost your bottom line.
Success Stories

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs are truly making a difference in the world. These entrepreneurs grow and maintain socially responsible businesses. Learn how they started their business and how your business can be inspiring as well.
Success Stories

Master of Munchies

Gamer Grub creates snacks of, by and for the gaming community.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Big Returns Come in Micro-sized Packages

A microloan from a community-based lender can provide the cash you need.
Startup Basics

Increase Your Startup's Online Visibility

5 ways to develop engaging brand language and ensure success on the internet
Online Marketing

Create Measurable Impact

Web metrics numbers are only as good as what you do with them.
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